Join Now

Welcome to the Canberra Cycling Club! – The CCC is a lot more than just a racing licence, it’s a great way to get involved with like minded cyclists and enjoy this great sport.

Once you have chosen the type of licence you would like please head over to the CA website.

What to do:

  • Choose Cycling ACT for your State,
  • Choose Canberra Cycling Club as your Club,
  • Choose the licence type you have decided on, then follow the prompts to directly input your details into the Cycling Australia database.
  • You will be prompted at the end to supply your credit card details for payment of fees.

Once you have joined:
You will receive an email from the Cycling Australia website thanking you for your payment and advising you of your licence number & type.

This email is your temporary licence until your licence card arrives in the mail (usually within four weeks). Please carry this email with you to all races as proof of licence.

Remember “No licence, no race”.

If you don’t have a credit card, contact Rae for instructions on how to join.