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2013/14 Criterium Series Squad Call Up

The 2013/14 Raine & Horne Commercial Canberra Summer Criterium Series will start on October 23rd.  This is a call up for all those Squads & Teams wishing to compete in the series.

The deadline for receiving team details is October 15th.  Please try and send me only finalised team lists rather than making changes before the season starts.  Details should be sent to [email protected].

For those who have raced before the Squad/Team rules are the same as previous years.  For those new riders, please keep reading.

Firstly, you do NOT have to be part of a Team or Squad.  You can race the series as an individual.

For those new to the Summer Crit Series who wish to race as part of a Squad/Team, the following guidelines need to be adhered to:

  • The Crits results and pointscore are recorded at http://critsonline.com/.
  • Points are allocated to Individuals, Teams and Squads.
  • A Team can contain up to 7 riders, spread across various grades or in the same grade.  Teams can be mixed gender and include Junior riders.
  • If you have more than 7 riders you can register more than 1 team, and also register as a Squad.
  • Squads are a group of teams all riding for a shared interest or sponsor.  For example, last year QUON registered 5 teams and 1 Squad.
  • Riders will remain in their allocated teams for the crit season regardless of grade promotion
  • Riders will not be able to swap between teams
  • A team that does not have the maximum number of riders at the start of the season will be able to add to their team so long as the additional rider is not already in a team
  • If a rider from a team should get injured during the season, a team will be able to add a rider to their team so long as the additional rider is not already in a team
  • Any additions to teams will require 1 week’s notice in order to set up the rider/s in the database
  • You do not have the wear matching kit, but it does make you look Pro!

Please include the following information in your email:

  • Squad name
  • Team names
  • Names of team members

Team Volunteer Roster

The Summer Criterium Series requires the help of the riders to make the night a success. The Club requires the assistance from 5 people every week to monitor the lap board, finish chute and general duties throughout the evening. This year each Squad/Team will be responsible for providing 5 people once or twice throughout the season.

The Squads responsible for marshal duties will be outlined in the Season Roster once Squads are finalised.