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Frame Plate Mounting

To ensure you get accurately recorded on the results sheet week to week please make sure your tag is firmly attached to your bike and parallel to the ground.

The best position is low on your seat post or even on your seat stay. Firmly mounted on the seat rail is OK too. If your plate is loose or at an angle it won’t read, and you won’t be recorded correctly. 

The tags don’t work if they are in your pocket, if they are loose and flapping around, or if the silver ‘RACERESULT” sticker is touching part of your frame.

If the el-cheapo mount we’ve provided is a bit loose, cutting up some old inner tube is a good option to make a shim for a more snug fit.

If our el-cheapo mounts don’t do it for you we suggest a visit to your local bike shop to pick up a reflector mount like in the image above. Take off the reflector arm and you’re left with a great frame plate holder.  The mount works really well and can be left on your bike week to week without too much hassle. Best of all they come in heaps of different sizes. Most shops have boxes and boxes of these things. 

If that still doesn’t float your boat there are full pro carbon frame plate mounting options you can find online. The sky’s the limit…

A note on timing

The main purpose of the new timing system (using the passive tags aka frame plates) is to ease with recording week in week out club race results for our volunteers and to make registration and check-in more streamlined for our regular riders.

With the frame plates, we’re not trying to capture timing data down to the 100th of a second. We are trying to capture correct finishing order.