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Event/Race Support Volunteers

Without Club members helping at least once per season at races or events CCC wouldn’t exist.  So if you have raced a few times in a season and are yet volunteer you will get an email from the Committee.

With nearly 400 members, you should only need to volunteer once a season.

We need your support for our races and events as either a Race Director or with registration and results.

If you have attended a few races and have seen the check-in desk and results chute in action then you are as qualified as any other member to act as Race Director.

Each season we encourage our members to proactively volunteer to assist at our races. We will usually offer incentives for these members through free or discounted racing. 

Members who do not proactively volunteer will still be rostered to perform race duty. 

If you have not proactively volunteered then you will receive an email from a Committee member allocating you to a duty role at a race. You are expected to respond promptly to these emails (within 2-3 days) and confirm that you can fill the role. 

If you can not fill the role you will be required to nominate to do duty at an alternative vacant date. 

If you do not respond to volunteer emails or do not meet your volunteer obligation (minimum 1 volunteer duty) you will be suspended from racing until your volunteer obligation has been met. 

Our volunteer roster is available at https://www.canberracyclingclub.org.au/volunteer-roster/ 

What if something changes?

If you are unable to help with your rostered event please arrange a swap or a replacement and let us know.

  • Find a replacement for yourself – ask around family/friends/other members
  • Email or phone the Race Director with the contact details of the new marshal.
  • Please do not leave it up to the Race Director to replace you, as they have sufficient work to do as it is.

Please note – We now use accredited traffic controllers for all our races, either from the Club or paid Contractors so you will not have to stop traffic at our events.

Volunteer Resources

Race Director Guide – An overall view of what Race Directors and other roles need to do at road races.

Race Director Checklist – Things the Race Director has to make sure happen before racing can start (plus a few follow-up actions). Race Directors sign and return this after the event.

Race Director Briefing Checklist – Race Directors are required to brief their volunteer team on the day of the event. It is probably the most important thing they’ll do. Race Directors should cover off all of these points in their briefing.