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Event/Race Support Volunteers

Without Club members helping at least once per season at races or events CCC wouldn’t exist.  So if you have raced a couple of times and didn’t volunteer you may get an email from the President.  With nearly 400 members people should only need to volunteer once a season.

We need your support for our races and events as either a Race Directors or with registration and results for each club race, members are asked to help out as at registration or the race director for more experienced members.  If you are unable to help with your rostered event please arrange a swap or a replacement and let us know.

  • Find a replacement for yourself – ask around family/friends/other cyclists
  • Email or phone the Race Director with the contact details of the new marshal.
  • Please do not leave it up to the Race Director to replace you, as they have sufficient work to do as it is.

Please note – We now use accredited traffic controllers for all our races, either from the Club or paid Contractors so you will not have to stop traffic at our events.

If you’re Race Directing remind and confirm the registration support, a race brief is provided by the Race Secretary the week of the event.