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Summer Criteriums

Hedley Property Investments Summer Criterium Series

UPDATE for grading information can be found at the following link

Full Season Calendar[PDF]

Live results are available at http://crits.canberracyclingclub.org.au

Regrading after round 17

  • Lachlan Harrigan: C to B
    Jeremy Muir: B to A
    Robert McLachlan: B to A

Series Information

The 2017/2018 Summer Criterium Series is Canberra’s oldest and most popular criterium series, featuring the biggest range of grades and the highest level of competition. The series is held every year on Wednesday nights during the warmer months of the year.

Cart’s Christmas Crit (Round 9, 20 Dec. 2017)
After many requests, the grade times have been changed for the Cart’s Christmas Crit (Round 9, 20 Dec. 2017). The new start times for this round are:
  • Junior HC: 17:15
  • WB/WC/JW: 17:52
  • E: 17:30
  • D: 18:15
  • C: 18:40
  • B: 19:09
  • A: 19:43
Marshal Duty Roster
We are a not-for-profit volunteer-based association and rely on the help of our racing constituency to put on racing. Much work is done by committee members behind the scenes, and the criterium roster gives all members and regularly-attending non-members an easy chance to play a part in putting on the racing everyone enjoys.
Our criterium roster requires at least two people to help out with some easy tasks  at all times from 5:30pm onwards, which are (1) operate the timing board, and (2) take placings in the finish chute. Teams are rostered on most nights – please check the roster for when your team is on. Additionally, there are two nights where individuals are rostered on (13 Dec & 28 Feb). Could the following individuals please contact [email protected] to arrange a timeslot on one of the aforementioned nights:
  • Karl Michelin-Beard
  • Kris Johnston
  • Lachlan Paton
  • Daniel McLennan
  • Matt Darling
  • Damon Stefani
  • Jason Yeoh
  • Alex Dietrich
  • Andrew Simpfendorfer
  • Daniel Lalor
  • Gavin Jackson
  • Abigail Adera
  • Angharad Llewellyn
  • Ellie Hoitink
  • Tasmin Davies

CCC Hedley Property Investments Summer Criterium Series results are based on top 10 placings of each grade, so you don’t need a timing chip as you would for many state and national level races. To claim your placing, you must go through the Finish Chute (metal barriers) after the race finish and in the order you finished.

The series is brought to you by Hedley Property Investments.

Series Entry

Entry is at Stromlo Forest Park on the night. Registration is located in the Registration Room, which is adjacent to the entry to the toilets. In order to race, you must also register your attendance each night, prior to your race (including if you have already paid entry for the season).

Entry Fees

  • Season Pass: $100; or
  • Single Race: $10
  • E Grade, Women’s C, and Junior Whites: $5 (single race)
  • Juniors (U13 and younger): Free

Cycling Australia Race License

A Cycling Australia Race membership is required to enter any Canberra Cycling Club races, including the criterium series. You do not need to be a member of Canberra Cycling Club to race the Summer Criterium Series or other Canberra Cycling Club races.

You can purchase a Race License here:

Grading Policy (NEW!)

You will be allocated a racing grade by the club grader at the start of the season.

You will be up-graded if:

  • You score 60 points in a grade during the season;
  • The grader gives you a manual re-grade (a reason will be published)

You may only be down-graded if:

  • You DNF two races in a row before 5mins + 2Laps to go and you request a down-grade; or
  • The grader agrees to your manual re-grade (a reason will be published)

Nb. A large re-grade will occur before the start of the season to ensure an acceptable spread of ability exists both within and between each grade. This is important in ensuring riders can progress through the grades without having to make an unrealistically large leap to keep up with the next grade.

Re-grades will be published on the website www.CanberraCyclingClub.org.au each week.

Grade Mentors

Grade Mentors will often be present, and particularly in the lower grades, to ensure riders are riding safely and in good sporting spirit. Please be accepting of their feedback – they are there for everyone’s safety

Each rider is also highly encouraged to improve the safety of their own grade by calling out unsafe riding and unsportsmanlike behaviour. Be mindful to keep feedback sufficiently constructive. The goal is to improve safety, not to get people to refrain from coming back next week!

Grade Mentors are experienced riders and will wear a yellow helmet cover or vest so they can be easily identified. Grade Mentors may enter to race another grade on the night, and will not be entered or score points in the grade which they are mentoring. If you’re interested in being a Grade Mentor, please get in touch with the race director.

Sanctions for Safety

In all grades except for A Grade, you may be sanctioned with a two-race ban for:

  • Causing a crash involving others, especially through reckless or careless behaviour; or
  • Unsportsmanlike behaviour, including intimidation tactics.

The commissiare(s) will decide any such sanctions. All grades are subject to the appropriate technical regulations and policies of the club and Cycling Australia.

Women’s Grades

Women’s Grades are back! After feedback we are re-introducing Women’s B Grade and Women’s C Grades, which will race in the same time-slot as the Junior Whites, and, with enough women, these grades will also race separately (on opposite sides of the track). Therefore, in order ensure there are sufficient riders to make WB & WC viable, women will not be allowed to enter D Grade or E Grade except in very exceptional circumstances and with approval from the grader and race director.

You can help keep Women’s graded racing on the Canberra calendar by bringing your friends along and racing every week possible. To help, we’re giving women in these grades who are new to the CCC Summer Criterium Series their first race free (you just need to buy a CA license – see above). Additionally, to do our part to ensure there are sufficient numbers, you will receive a Canberra Cycling Club jersey if you race at least 13 rounds of the 2017/2018 series in WB/WC.

There is no Women’s A Grade in the 2017/2018 Summer Criterium Series. A, B, and C grades are open to women to enter and we recognise that this is currently the preference of many elite and experienced women riders.

Women’s B & Women’s C Grade starts on 1st of November (Round 2), plus the prologue round on 18th October. WB/WC will have one extra round at the end of the season (Round 19), held on the same night as some of the ACT Criterium Championships Men’s Grades.

Women’s B Grade
To help ensure a good number of riders in the women’s grades, and kick-start the momentum in women’s racing, selected Women’s B Grade riders will be permitted to join C Grade each night if they race in Women’s B. All women riders will benefit as a result, as there will be more exciting women’s racing. These women will not feature in the C Grade results or prize money. No other riders may join in with a race which is not their grade, except for the “grade mentors”.
The Women’s B riders currently approved to ride C Grade are:
  • Noa Millman
  • Megan Pitcher
  • Allison Lane
  • Georgina Von Marburg
  • Kate Vandenberg
  • Belinda Chamberlain
  • Lauren Robards
Other Women’s B riders may be considered for addition to the list during the season, however please note the list is intended to remain short, to bring you good, consistent women’s racing week after week. It’s not there to give all women twice as many races.

Junior Whites (JW)

White is the colour of the Young Rider Classification jersey at Le Tour de France and numerous other events around the world. CCC is introducing the JW category for the 2017/2018 season. The category is for all U13 riders who have been promoted from the Junior HC category, and some U15/U17 riders who have been allocated to the grade by the grader. Only rarely, and in very exceptional circumstances, including both very highly developed fitness and bunch riding skill level, will U13 riders be permitted to race in the adult grades.

Junior HC

HC is for “hors categorie” and handicap. This Junior HC category is for ages 6 to 13, and occasionally for U13/U15 riders who are new to cycling. Any type of bike may be used in this category, but it must have (only) two wheels. No tricycles or bikes with trainer wheels are allowed. You also need to be able to ride a bike without trainer wheels. Riders in this category will be handicapped each week, meaning the slower riders are given a head start, giving everyone a chance to win.

Leader’s Race Numbers

The points leader of each grade will receive a second “race number” to pin on. Whilst a rider is leading the points score of that grade, the leaders race number must be worn on the rear of the jersey in addition to the regular race number.

Teams / Squads

To register a team and/or squad, contact [email protected] with your team name and the names of your team members. Racing as part of a team is completely optional – it just means the points you score count towards the Team and Squad points score classifications.

2017/18 Prize Money Policy
A new prize-money structure has been introduced for the 2017/18 series to help ensure riders race in their appropriate grade. Importantly, this will open the door to newer and de-conditioned riders, ensuring the entry-level grades are genuinely slower than the higher grades, and free of “burglars” – a policy casually known as “turn back the B.O.T.Es” (that’s “Burglars Of The Entry-level-grades”). The prize money for winning approximately doubles for each grade you go up, so there really is no point in trying to get the grader to down-grade you if you’re a stronger rider. There will be double prize money for Cart’s Christmas Crit and Club Championships.
Nightly Prize Money
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Total
A $100 $50 $30 $10 $5 $195
B $50 $30 $10 $5 $95
C $30 $10 $5 $45
D $10 $5 $15
E N/A $0
WB $50 $30 $10 $5 $95
WC N/A $0
Junior White N/A $0
Total $445


[email protected]

Race Director: Matt Robertson 0415 240 433

Commissaires: Various, but usually Bill Walker, and/or Malcolm Paterson.