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Summer Criteriums

Series Information

The Summer Criterium Series (the series) is Canberra’s oldest and most popular criterium series, featuring the biggest range of grades and the highest level of competition. The series is held every year on Wednesday nights during the warmer months of the year.

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Online Entry Only

This season entry will be only via EntryBoss. There will be strictly no late entries or ‘on the day entries’. 

Entries will open 9.00 am Thursday the week before each race and close 3pm each Wednesday. 

If you are unsure if you will race any given week we suggest you pre register and then scratch before 3pm if you need to. 

Volunteer Duty Roster

Your club relies on volunteers to keep you racing.

All participants at CCC Summer Crits will be expected to volunteer during the season. 

This season we are linking season pass eligibility to early volunteer nominations. 

We will distribute a call for volunteers prior to the season. Once you have nominated and been allocated to a minimum of 2 events you will receive a unique code to enable you to buy a season pass. We must receive your nominations within the ‘volunteer window’ for you to be eligible for a season pass. Late nominations will not be eligible for season passes. 

Riders who do not complete an early nomination will still be required to volunteer.

These riders will receive an email from the Crit Coordinator or a committee member allocating you to a volunteer role at a race. We expect you to respond promptly (within 2-3 days) and confirm that you can fill the role. 

If you are not able to fill the role you will be required to nominate to volunteer at an alternative vacant date. 

If you do not respond to volunteer emails or do not meet your volunteer obligation (minimum 1 volunteer duty) you will be suspended from racing until your volunteer obligation has been met. 

Our volunteer roster is available at https://www.canberracyclingclub.org.au/volunteer-roster/ 

Race Day Check In

Riders who have pre registered via EntryBoss are still required to ‘check-in’ before each race. Check-in is located in the SFP Office, near the toilet entries.

At check in you will be allocated to your grade, and your permanent or temporary race number recorded in the results system.

Please remember you may be required to show:

  • your valid current CA race licence.
  • your helmet has the Australian Standard certification sticker

Entry Fees

Single Race: $10

Season Passes are available to any rider that nominates to volunteer at 2 or more crit races at a cost of $100. See volunteering info above. 

Handicap race juniors: Free 

Juniors (U13 and younger – this does not include the juniors that race in grades where they can win prize money): Free

All entry fees are through Entryboss and are made when entering the race. (All refunds are made through Entryboss.)

Race Licence

An AusCycling All Discipline Race membership (or Cycling Australia Equivalent) is required to enter any Canberra Cycling Club races, including the series. You do not need to be a member of Canberra Cycling Club to race the series or other Canberra Cycling Club races, but we encourage you to join our club.

You can purchase a Race Licence here:

If you’d like to try racing before you commit to a full membership you can purchase a range of trial options. Full details are available on the AusCycling website

Race membership is now available as yearly or monthly payments.  

Points allocation

Points are awarded for each rider that finishes in each grade, which will reward consistency. To score points you will need to pass through the chute at the end of the race. The breakdown of points will be as follows:

First place will be allocated 2 points times the number of riders in the grade. This will be capped at a maximum of 20 points for 1st place. 

Each place will then receive two points less than the place before. 

For example:

  • 1st – Number of riders x 2 (capped at 20 points)
  • 2nd and all subsequent places – value of previous place minus 2 points.

All finishers will be allocated a minimum of 2 points. Riders that DNF will receive one point. 

Volunteers (who do not race their grade) will be awarded 10 points for that round. 

Finish Chute

This season all places in each grade will be recorded. To claim your place you must go through the Finish Chute (metal barriers) after the race finish and in the order you finished. Please remain in the finish chute until you have been released by the Commissaire / volunteer recording the results. 

If you do not pass through the finish chute and have your finish place recorded you will appear on the results sheet as a DNF.

Prize Money Policy 

The following prize money will be offered this season. Prize money will be paid to place getters at the end of each race. 

Open A
Riders 1st 2nd 3rd
11 + $60 $40 $20
Open B, C, D
Riders 1st 2nd 3rd
5 to 10 $20 $10 $5
11 + $30 $20 $10
Women’s A, B, C
Riders 1st 2nd 3rd
5 + $30 $20 $10

Note that prize money will not be awarded for Open E and Women’s D grades as these are introductory grades with a focus on skill development and participation.

Grading Policy

You will be allocated a racing grade by the club grader at the start of the season.

You will come to the handicapper’s attention if 3 times in 4 weeks: 

  • Finish in the bottom three places for a downgrade. 
  • Finish in the top three places for an upgrade.
  • DNF 3 weeks in a row

Handicapping committee makes the final call taking into account personal circumstances.

Nb. Your grade at the start of the season is the same grade in which you finished the previous season.  A lack of training is not a reason for downgrading.

Re-grades will be published on Facebook each week.

Contact [email protected] if you would like to request a grade change. Please do this well before each Wednesday’s race.

Grade Mentors

Grade Mentors will often be present, and particularly in the lower grades, to ensure riders are riding safely and in good sporting spirit. Please be accepting of their feedback – they are experienced racers and are there for everyone’s safety.

Each rider is encouraged to give and take advice from each other – just keep it civil and constructive.  We may be racing for the untold glory of a win in a club crit, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all have heaps of fun and support each other to get better and keep racing.

Sanctions for Safety

In all grades you may be sanctioned with a two-race ban for:

Causing a crash involving others, through reckless or careless behaviour; or

Unsportsmanlike behaviour, including intimidation tactics.

The commissiare(s) will decide any such sanctions. All grades are subject to the appropriate technical regulations and policies of the club and Cycling Australia.

Women’s Grades

As with last season, some of the women’s grades will be combined with the Open grades as follows:

Women’s A will race with Open B
Women’s B  will race with Women’s C
Women’s D will race with Open E/Junior Whites

Women’s grades will be awarded their own prize money as per the prizemoney policy.

Prizemoney will only be awarded to riders who specifically enter and race the women’s grade.

Women can enter and race any other grade at their discretion. Prizemoney will be awarded to the grade place getters as normal in this case.

Junior Whites (JW)

White is the colour of the Young Rider Classification jersey at Le Tour de France and numerous other events around the world. CCC has developed the JW category since the 2017/2018 season. The category is for all U13 riders who have been promoted from the Junior HC category, and some U15/U17 riders who have been allocated to the grade by the grader. Only rarely, and in very exceptional circumstances, including both very highly developed fitness and bunch riding skill level, will U13 riders be permitted to race in the higher adult grades.

Junior HC

HC is for “hors categorie” and handicap. This Junior HC category is for ages 6 to 13, and occasionally for U13/U15 riders who are new to cycling. Any type of bike may be used in this category, but it must have (only) two wheels. No tricycles or bikes with trainer wheels are allowed. You also need to be able to ride a bike without trainer wheels. Riders in this category will be handicapped each week, meaning the slower riders are given a head start, giving everyone a chance to win.

Teams / Squads

To register a team and/or squad, contact [email protected] with your team name and the names of your team members. Racing as part of a team is completely optional – it just means the points you score count towards the Team and Squad points score classifications. Winning teams will be announced at the end of the season.


[email protected]

Race Director: Steve Crispin

Summer Criteriums Coordinator

Steve Crispin


Commissaires: Various, but usually Bill Walker, and/or Malcolm Paterson.