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Strategic Plan 2022-25

The Canberra Cycling Club Strategic Plan 2022-25 (the Strategic Plan) provides the club with strategic direction for the next four years. It outlines the vision and mission and essentially what is very important to the club, and most importantly members. The Strategic Plan is underpinned by a set of actions that are the responsibility of committee members to progress and complete during 2022-2025.

In summary, the club is committed to improving our racing, training and support to all members. We will work closely with AusCycling, where possible, to support members and those representing the ACT in representative events.

We look forward to your support in progressing the progression of the club in alignment with the strategic plan for the benefit of you, our members.

Strategic Plan 2022-25

The Canberra Cycling Club is progressing an aggressive transformation agenda to ensure that it
continues to develop and can more appropriately deliver high quality racing, training, support and services to its members. The environment that it operates within is a competitive one where it competes for members with clubs that have different but at times overlapping goals and objectives.


The purpose of the Canberra Cycling Club Strategic Plan (the Plan) is to articulate the club’s intended goals, provide broad executive direction and to focus on specific programs or events. The Plan also provides a framework with which to better recognise our successes and to meet our challenges


Canberra Cycling Club’s vision is to be the best cycle racing club.


Canberra Cycling Club is welcoming and inclusive, operating with a high degree of sportsmanship, integrity and professionalism in all activities.


Canberra Cycling Club’s mission is to provide high quality racing, training, support and services to all riders, regardless of age or ability and to increase the number of people participating in competitive cycling.


The club aims to modernise its operations and focus on a number of priority areas in order to realise our vision and complete our mission, our strategy focuses on three broad areas:

  • Racing
  • Training
  • Support


Canberra Cycling Club within the context of the three broad strategic areas of racing, training and support will focus on increasing participation, increasing the number of female riders, focus on financial sustainability, increase training opportunities for members, improving club facilities and support and junior development.