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Grading Policy


Grades and handicaps are determined by the Club Handicapper. Grades for the summer criterium series can be found on the Criterium Series Information page. If you have any enquiries about grades or handicaps please contact the club handicapper, Jessica Beitzel [email protected]

Full listing can be found here.

If you have any grading or handicapping enquiries please contact Jessica Beitzel [email protected]

A few notes on the “philosophy” of grading:

  • The objective of grading is to provide safe and enjoyable racing for everyone – riders who are too strong for their grade reduce the enjoyment for other riders; riders who are too weak for their grade increase the danger for other riders.
  • The optimum outcome is that each graded race is won by a rider who is in the “right” grade, is in good form, and rode a smart race.
  • The grades are not there to enable a rider to get a high placing even though they haven’t trained; aren’t feeling well; or feel like a steady ride with a sprint at the end.
  • If you haven’t trained much, or are feeling unwell, you can expect to have a tough race and be unlikely to score a place until you are in better form – that’s racing!
  • The final results are not the only indicator of the need for re-grading. If you are too strong for your grade you may be promoted even if you don’t win the final sprint.

Grading for the 2015/16 Crit Series

Riders will start this season in the grade they finished last season. Any rider who has been promoted during the winter road season will ride in the higher grade. Any changes to these grades prior to the season commencing will be posted on the CCC website, as will grade changes during the season.

If you would like your grade reassessed prior to the season opener, please contact Jessica Beitzel, the club handicapper ([email protected]) to state your case. A lower grade will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. “I haven’t done much riding”, “I’m not as fit as last year”, etc, are not exceptional circumstances. If your form is much less than last year it will be clear in the first few races and you will then be regraded accordingly.

If you are new to criterium racing, we strongly recommend that you contact the club handicapper before the season starts to get a preliminary grade and attend one of the warm-up races so that we can get you into the right grade for the first race.

As for last season, riders will be promoted automatically once they have scored 40 points in a grade. However riders may be promoted sooner if they are too strong for their grade, at the discretion of the club handicapper.

Riders can also be moved down a grade when warranted. This is only likely to be done once they have raced at least once in their nominated grade (we suggest you notify the handicapper first so we can see how your ride goes).

No grade changes will be considered on the night and no grade swapping because you missed your start time (or your start time isn’t convenient). Please monitor the grade changes announced on the webpage during the season to ensure that you arrive in time for your correct grade.

Women’s Crit Racing

In the 2015/16 Crit season, Elite Women riders will ride as part of (Men’s/Open) B Grade (with a possibility of promotion to A Grade if warranted). Placings, points and prize-money will all be done as a combined race. Two or three women only grades will be run – Women’s A, Women’s B and Women’s C. These races will be on the circuit at the same time but starting separately. Re-grading of women between Women’s C, Women’s B, Women’s A and  B Grade will be the same as for all other riders as described above.