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Need a Season Number?

We will be accepting CCC and VCC season numbers at the CCC Summer Crit Series and all future VCC CCC road events.

Make sure you step correct and have both your cloth number and frame plate correctly attached at each race.

If you don’t have a season number:

  • CCC members will automatically be allocated the next available number, free of charge. This will be ready for you the first time you register and attend a CCC race (ie crit or normal road event).
  • Non CCC members can purchase a season number for $25. Please contact us to arrange this. You could also take out the ‘club add-on‘ option with AusCycling if you want to join CCC and get a free season number.
  • VCC members planning on racing CCC crits should contact their race secretary to organise a VCC season number.

All the info on season numbers is available here.