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Club Financial Support Policy

Canberra Cycling Club will consider providing financial assistance to any current club members participating in major national events and national or international representative duties within the limited financial means of the club.

Riders should provide their request for financial support to the CCC committee using the form provided. Request made using means other than the form required will not be considered.

Requests should be made at least one month prior to the funds being required in order to allow the committee to assess the submission at a regular committee meeting.

Requests for support will generally favor those members who are prepared to actively promote the club during or prior to the event they are seeking support for. This may either be seeking media attention in local media which directly promotes the Canberra Cycling Club or wearing Canberra Cycling Club clothing at the event.

The Canberra Cycling Club committee will assess applications on the basis of the financial standing of the club at the time of the request and the merit of the application.

Successfully applicants will be listed on the Canberra Cycling Club website.

Members under 18 years of age must have their application signed by parent or guardian.

CCC Request for Financial Support Form