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Membership Details

CCC membership – Much more than just a racing licence

New memberships for 2017 are now available and are valid from 1 October 2016 to 31 December 2017.

You can join or renew your Canberra Cycling Club membership online with Cycling Australia or at any CCC managed events or by contacting the Membership Secretary if you want to join using a paper form.  Renew or sign up Cycling Australia by following this link.  It is better to join or renew online as you will receive your licence much quicker.  Online membership allows payment by EFTPOS or credit card.  By joining online you also avoid sometimes long queues at the Wednesday night criteriums.  Give it a go and hope to see you at a race or on the road.

Cycling Australia has introduced streamlined membership categories – there are three primary category types.

  • Gold – the traditional racing membership;
  • Silver – non racing “Cycling for all” that allows participation in cycling events; and
  • Platinum – for Club officials.

CCC membership provides the usual benefits of access to a range of CCC programs and events, insurance and discounts at most local bike shops.  The CCC provides racing for members and visitors, as club members you will be required to volunteer during one local club race each calendar year.  Please help out when it’s your turn as it makes running races possible.  Rosters will be advertised in advance.

Your cycling membership provides insurance coverage, information can be found on the Cycling Australia website by following this link.

If you have any questions please contact Rae.

Cycling Australia charge an additional $5 for paper based membership forms where an application could have been completed online.

GOLD Membership – RACING.  Whether Elite, Masters, U23 and younger, gold membership is targeted to competitive cyclists, gold membership allows participation in events conducted by Cycling Clubs.  Gold membership provides insurance and will cover you 24/7 on the bike and includes personal accident, public liability & loss of income benefits while on the bike.

Category  CA Fee Cycling ACT fee  Club Fee  Total
Elite/U23 $180.00 $87.30 $64.70 $332.00
Masters Under 65 $130.00 $75.30 $49.70 $255.00
Masters Over 65/Para $90.00 $52.80 $12.80 $155.60
Family Gold $332.00 $213.00 $141.00 $686.00
U19 $130.00 $75.30 $49.70 $255.00
U17 $90.00 $52.80 $12.80 $155.60
U15 $90.00 $52.80 $12.80 $155.60
U9 / U11 / U13 $36.00 $25.90 $12.10 $74.00
   CA Fee Cycling ACT fee  Club Fee  Total
Adult $43.00 $40.85 $11.00 $94.85
Junior/Senior $36.00 $26.00 $11.00 $73.00
Kidz $15.00 $9.00 $5.00 $29.00
Family Silver $80.00 $35.20 $53.80 $169.00

Recreation Silver Membership – non racing “Cycling for all”  Whether you commute to work during the week or battle it out with the weekend warriors then a Cycling Australia Recreational membership is just the ticket to ensure that you get the most out of your riding experience.  As a Recreational member you will have the peace of mind knowing that you’re covered by Personal Accident Insurance.  Recreation Silver Membership includes a range of benefits ranging from access to silver recreation rides, the velodrome, specific programs for women and kids, coaching staff and resources along with the chance to be involved in group rides and a range of fun social activities.

Coaches, Officials and Administrators – A Non-Riding membership caters for Coaches, Officials, Volunteers, Administrators and Staff working in the sport and includes professional indemnity insurance cover plus a host of other benefits.

Platinum membership is renewable annually and covers the calendar year (1 January to 31 December).  However licences purchased after 1 October are valid until December 31 of the following year.  Please Note – Members seeking personal accident insurance cover whilst on the bike should purchase a Recreational membership.

Platinum – for Club officials
   CA Fee Cycling ACT fee  Club Fee  Total
Non Riding Member $15.00 $9.00 $24.00
Coaches $36.00 $9.00 $45.00
   CA Fee Cycling ACT fee  Club Fee  Total
Elite & U23 $100.00 $85.00 $24.00 $209.00
Masters Under 65 & U19 $85.00 $30.00 $12.00 $127.00
Masters 65+ & U15/U17 $40.00 $30.00 $12.00 $72.00

Temporary 3-Race Licence now $52 – A 3-race licence enables you to try racing at our Club. They are valid for three months from the first event.  If you purchase a 3-race licence and later decide to take out a GOLD licence you receive a discount off your full membership equal to the cost of the 3-race licence.  You must attach your 3-race licence to your application form to receive the discount.  The CCC will only accept 3-race licences that have been sold by the Club. 3-race licences sold by other clubs will not be accepted for use at CCC races. Affiliate Discounts, MTB/BMX Members, Aust Defence Force – Applies to members who have valid membership with the Australian Defence Force Cycling Club, MBA, BMX or Audax. The amount shown is the fee to upgrade membership to Cycling Australia Gold category.