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Season Numbers

The Canberra Cycling Club and Vikings Cycling Club are rolling out a Season Race Number System.

Season Number Master List Here.

Please read the full article below.

The key features are:

  • You are issued with Race Numbers that you keep (see below regarding Number Retirement should you stop racing with us)
  • Initially accepted at VCC CCC Road, CCC Crits, VCC Crits (but all AusCycling ACT affiliated clubs are free to join the scheme).
  • The numbers are arranged via club (Blue for CCC, Red for VCC) so you would need a new number if you changed clubs.
  • There may be two or more of the same number (but different colour) in a race at the same time. See below for more on this. 
  • Details of how the Canberra Cycling Club will issue our numbers is outlined below. Vikings will probably issue their numbers in a slightly different way, and that’s OK. 

Once your numbers are issued, you no longer need to pick up and return race numbers. (you still enter via EntryBoss, after which we know your race number and registration becomes a much simpler walk pass check-in process).

Why are we introducing season numbers?

  • Cut rider registration visits and equipment sharing.
  • Leverage the one system to benefit multiple clubs (limited to VCC and CCC events initially).
  • Race day convenience for riders (some Road Race events may require self check-in for safety. More on that at a later date)

What you get

  • 2 x quality cloth race numbers
  • 1 x Frame plate (with RFID Transponder)
  • Pins
  • El Cheapo frame plate holder
  • Information sheet

How do I get a CCC Season Number?

Key Dates

  • Purchased Number Amnesty: 29 March – 11 April 2021
  • Number Auction: 19 – 30 April 2021
  • General Number Allocation: 1 May 2021 onwards

Purchased Number Amnesty

In the deep distant past (~2007?) Cycling ACT auctioned off permanent numbers in the range 4-100. Some current members still ride on their previously purchased numbers. Some CCC members may have purchased race numbers, too.

Although Cycling ACT has been wound up, CCC will seek to honour members’ previous contributions to cycling in the ACT through the purchase of a number. 

So, if you are an active member and have previously purchased a number (ie ‘for life’ at an ACT cycling event) you can upgrade your number at no cost. This will be for a limited time only. After this time numbers bought previously will be considered ‘unallocated’ and available for use within the club. 

Note that this amnesty does not apply where you have just been given a number at race, even if you have had it for a really, really long time. 

If you think special circumstances apply to your previously given (not purchased) number please email [email protected]. Our Race Secretary (James) will work through it with you. 

To upgrade your previously purchased number email [email protected] with a picture and the details (plus some form of evidence) of your previously purchased number. IE some previously purchased numbers have the member’s name printed on them. 

Number Auction

Following the number amnesty members will be able to bid at auction for the remaining numbers. The highest bidder will win that number. Members will retain that number for as long as they remain a current CCC member. See Retirement Plan below. 

We will host the auction on our website. 

General Allocation

The remaining numbers will be randomly allocated to current members. The issue of your first number will be provided at no cost. If you lose your number/frameplate and require a replacement one all subsequent numbers when ordered as part of a bulk order will cost $15. If a member requests a replacement number outside of a bulk order this will be charged to members at cost.

New members may collect a number at one of our events. 

New Members

If you are a new member or are a CCC member who has not previously been allocated a season number, we will identify that the first time you race and allocate the next available number to you. You cannot choose a number.

Your number will be available for you to collect the first time you race.

Reserved Ranges

Pending the outcome of the Purchased Number Amnesty CCC will reserve numbers 1-10 for committee members of the day, club captains etc. This will help our members quickly identify committee members at our races. These numbers will be returned at each AGM and provided to newly elected committee members for the following year. 

CCC will reserve the number range 800-999 for club events, temporary number issue, and special events (eg come and try days etc). These numbers will not be allocated to the membership. 

Non members

If a non member wishes to take part in the scheme they will be charged $25 to be issued a CCC number from the Random Allocation pool. 

Temporary Numbers

If a non member requires a temporary number for a race they will be required to leave a cash deposit of $25. Alternatively a non member could just purchase a number. 

Retirement Plan

If you haven’t raced at any events organised by the Canberra Cycling Club, Viking Cycling Club or any of the participating clubs for a period of TWO YEARS, your number may be retired and re-issued to a new rider. 

Similarly, if your membership with the CCC lapses for two or more years your number may be retired and re-issued to a new rider.

This is to help ensure we don’t run out of numbers in the system.

Future Number Issues

The numbering scheme is based on a combination of colour (blue), a ‘human readable’ number (023), and a machine readable number (10023). This is to allow for uniqueness, and for future number ranges to be issued. 

For example, when CCC runs out of numbers it is likely that we will purchase a subsequent range 001-999 (human readable) in a different colour (eg white), with a different machine readable prefix (11023).

Will that mean two of the same number could be on course at once? 

Yes. Red 55 (Vikings) and Blue 55 (CCC) could be on course in the same or separate grades in the same timeslot. Colour and number is what creates uniqueness.

Is this system mandatory?

No, the Season Numbers are not mandatory, though we encourage regulars to purchase season numbers. We will continue to issue race-day numbers for visiting riders, come and try events and first time riders. 

Does the inclusion of a transponder on the frame plate mean all events will be timed?

Our goal is to continue to time all of our events (road and crit), and get instant results up onto my.raceresult.com. But it is still possible that some events will not be timed. 

2021 will be a year-long trial of timing using the passive RFID system and attempting to sort out our processes to make your race day experience top notch.

How do I pickup my number?

Once the dust has settled (amnesty and bidding rounds finished) you can collect your number from one of our events.

What do I do with my old number?

Your old number is yours to keep. Just note that we won’t accept them at our races once the new numbering scheme is operational.

Need to talk to someone?

Email a friendly person:

  • If you have questions about number allocation, the amnesty, auctions, or random allocation etc email our Race Secretary James Jordan @ [email protected].
  • If you have questions about the numbers themselves (eg what’s the thread count of the number) frame plates (how big are they, will they fit my special bike) email our Club Secretary Rainer Wilton [email protected]