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2020 Winter Road Volunteers

Call for volunteers for 2020 Road Calendar
The success of the Winter Road season relies on riders and volunteers.
Riders are obvious: when everyone shows up to race it makes for a great day of racing and we don’t have to cancel races due to low numbers. 

Volunteers are just as important. The Race Director and the support team make the race happen. Without them, races just won’t run. 

In short, we rely on you and your mates to ‘give something back’ by racing and volunteering to support your club.
As with previous years, the Vikings Cycling Club and Canberra Cycling Club have organised a joint Winter Road Calendar for 2020. 

To encourage everyone to get involved we have made some changes to the way that we will be running the races for the 2020 Road Season.

We will be using paid Traffic Marshals for senior grades and volunteer marshals for junior grades.

We still need volunteers to fill one Race Director and four Support Staff roles for each race. We want to have this squared away before the start of the season. 
So, if you nominate (and are allocated) either one Race Director role or two support staff roles before the start of the season (the first race), we are offering free entry into all eligible road races for the season.  

With more than 15 eligible races on the calendar, at $15 per race, this equates to a real saving.

So get in early and nominate for your prefered dates before all of the spots fill up! Full details are available on the nomination form.

Volunteering FAQs

Why volunteer?
Save money PLUS enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing you’re supporting your club AND racing in the ACT.  
What if I cannot volunteer?
Riders who do not volunteer on race days will be charged the full entry fee for all races they contest during the season.
Can someone else perform my volunteer duties? 
A family member or friend can complete your volunteer duty, thereby allowing you to race, however, you will be liable for penalties if the substitute becomes unavailable.

What if I don’t show up?
Please contact us if you’re not going to make it. Not showing up is what causes us to cancel races. We may be able to help you find a replacement or help you swap with another volunteer for another event.

If you don’t  meet your volunteer commitment you will be prevented from entering any future races or seasons with the clubs until you:

  • organise new dates to volunteer on and/or
  • repay the full entry fee for all previous races you have taken part in using your volunteer status

How can I check what date/role I have?
We will publish the details of volunteers helping at each event to the relevant EntryBoss page. You will also receive confirmation emails when you first nominate when your nomination has been accepted, and 2 and 1 weeks prior to your event. 

What time should I arrive at the course? Who do I report to? 
This depends on your role, however generally you are asked to arrive at least 60 minutes before the advertised start time (so arrive at 9 am for most road races), and report to the rego desk and Race Director. Once all volunteers have arrived, the race director may conduct a pre-race briefing to provide you with details of your role and the race plan for the day.

What do I need to bring for my volunteering duties?
Volunteers should bring a healthy dose of optimism, good humour, appropriate clothing and a hat. Please make sure you have your mobile phone charged, in case you need to be contacted while out on course.
It is really important that you check the weather forecast and dress appropriately (you may volunteer in the rain) and bring food and drink if you’ll need it.

What do we do after the race is finished?
Once all of the riders have cleared the course volunteers will assist with pack up, and report to the Race Director before leaving.