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BIG NEWS for RIDE Licence holders

Dear CCC members and extended Canberra Clubs

As you will be aware, the Cycling Australia RIDE licence you hold provides a range of benefits including insurance and inclusion in participation events, but explicitly excludes the ability to participate in CA affiliated races, a clause which includes our Club races

The Canberra Cycling Club wishes to provide you with more opportunity to be involved in the life of our club and we are happy to announce changes to our race schedule to allow RIDE member participation

At the upcoming ONYA Bike Queens Birthday Tour (10 and 11 June 2017) we will be including a participation category which will allow both RACE and RIDE licence holders to test themselves over two days and three stages of tough but fun riding. You will be able to enter any or all of the three stages, and though there is no prize money on offer, you will be timed just like those racing, and be riding under race conditions i.e. traffic marshals and reduced vehicle speed limits. Information on the courses can be found here, along with the other events coming up in our calendar. As the year goes on, we hope to open more events and other opportunities for our RIDE members, so watch this space

Please do not hesitate to contact, either on Facebook or via our club email