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Canberra Cyclists Rejoice – Cyclocross is here!

Thanks to the guys at BrewCX for running the Capital Cyclocross Series. Here are a few reasons they want everyone to get on board:

1. You too could develop mad skills like Zdenek Stybar.  Stybar is the current cyclocross world champion and you may remember his displays’ of superior bike handling from either his Eneco Tour stage win or this 6th place in Pairs Roubaix last year. Riding the ‘cross series could give you a leg up for the upcoming Uriarra Roubaix

2. Cyclocross is officially the middle ground between mountain biking and road riding.  It is the only event you can race on either a CA or MTBA license.

3. A 30 minute cyclocross race is as hard as you want it too be, whilst you are suffering your are having fun at the same time.   You will struggle to find a crit that is as hard as 30 minutes of brake, accelerate, brake.

4. You can ride the Capital Cross series on any bike.  We had heaps of ‘cross bikes plus everything from single speed roadies to fat bikes.  A mountain bike is a perfect alternative.  If you own a 29er, you can put ‘cross tyres on if you want.  Our courses are design to introduce riders to cyclocross.  There are not any crazy run-ups or super technical sections however they will still make you get off your bike and challenge you to post quick lap times.  Mr Crits, Stuart Jones demonstrated this by racing the first round on a single speed with 23mm tyres.  If you are worried about your skills, checkout #SVENNESS for some tips.

5. If you need to spend time with the family, bring them along and have a picnic in the park and enjoy the evenings racing.

6.  Ladies, we have 2 grades of racing to cater for all abilities.  Canberra Cycling Club criterium champion and BrewCX team member Claire Aubrey was out there showing the boys how it’s done.

7. If you decide cyclocross is for you, it is a great opportunity to apply the N+1 or even N+2 rule.  Every pro ‘cross rider has a spare bike in the pits and multiple sets of tubulars with every tyre combination known to man.  More conservatively ‘cross bikes make awesome commuters.

To find out more about the Capital Cyclocross Series, check out the event page.