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CCC – President’s Report AGM April 2018


The Canberra Cycling Club was created in 1926, and I am happy to report that, with work over the last twelve months, we are sure to continue as a force to 2026 and beyond.

Our 2015-17 Strategic Plan which states our focus on Racing, Training, and Support, has been followed closely and has led to clear improvements in the professionalism of our organisation of racing and has laid the groundwork for future improvement across all aspects of club activities.

We have been supported generously by many sponsors. I would like to give special thanks to McDonalds, Hedley, Pushy’s, and Onya – but this is no way an exhaustive list. We are lucky to have so many supporters!


2017 saw a veritable treasure trove of racing success for our members at all levels. We have had multiple medals and podiums for our junior, elite and masters riders at state, national and international events. Some notable members on the international stage have been Matt Rice, Nathan Hart, Beck Wiasiak and Chloe Hosking to name but a few.

Road – Club road racing has gone through some turbulent years with traffic management issues, reduced course options and some truly awful runs of bad weather. 2017 saw the appointment of Gordo Brewster as Race director and he has, through a significant amount of hard work and dedication, created a road season that has a lesser number of races that are better aligned to the broader calendar and offer a diverse range of courses.  Numbers are slowly increasing, and I expect further improvements to be made in the coming years.

Criterium – Matt Robertson has been a tour de force in terms of his club volunteering activities. In particular he has taken the running of the Summer Crit series with a new approach using past season statistics and a good hold of member preferences. The resultant changes have been both unobtrusive and very positive. I expect the criterium series will continue to improve participant numbers as we tweak the format further into the future.

Track – Track has remained largely unchanged in the last few years, as have participant numbers, though there has been an influx of new junior riders. We will be looking this coming year at new options and formats to encourage more members to try track and benefit from the great racing and the fantastic community atmosphere. The President’s Cup reverted from a Saturday open carnival to a Tuesday night local event this year due to weather and calendar conflicts, but will be back in 2018, bigger and better than ever.


Training options in 2017 have been slightly reduced due to the GSIC program not being held. This was due to a lack of member interest. We will be looking at options in 2018 to change the format and create more interest.

We have, in conjunction with CACT, been active in creating a number of opportunities for coaching course. This has resulted in a number of level zero coaches which adds to the pool of people who are able to officially assist in training programs.


In addition to racing and training, the CCC continues to provide monetary support to members representing at state or international level. We have also provided a number of free memberships and kit to encourage new riders to continue racing.


We have seen significant improvement in our offering to our junior members. This is due to the hard work of numerous members led by our junior coordinator Nathan Schubert. Supporting this work has been our sponsorship relationship with McDonalds and Pushy’s. This sponsorship is significant and we are looking at other ways to use this support to further improve options for juniors.

The Future

The next year we see us reassess our strategic priorities and build on our great work in growing our club and improving our offering to members. This is only possible with the hard work of our volunteers. I wish to thank them, including the committee, for the past 12 months effort, and for all those here today for their attendance tonight. With your help, I am sure we can look forward to a fantastic 2018!