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CCC Spring Ball Wrap Up

Friday night saw the Canberra Cycling community let its hair down at the CCC Spring Fling Ball. Hosted at the National Press Club the event was one of the best attended and most successful (and fun) ever.


Heaps of photos from the event can be found on the CCC Facebook site and the event even got a look in on the Social pages of City News.

A massive thanks go to Liz Fitch, Megan O’Neill and the entire organising committee for putting the event together, also a special thanks to Greg Boorer for making time in his busy schedule to MC the evening (which was very entertaining). Everyone who attended will agree that it was a great night.

Many of the Awards presented on the night follow on a long tradition within the club and are listed below. Congratulations to all prize and award winners.

Friend of the Earth Male – Most fabulous crash by a male
NOMINATIONS:  Etienne Bloomenstein, Andrew Chamberlain, Adam Phelan, Karl Fellows, Ed Bissiker, Tom Palmer
WINNER:  Andrew Chamberlain

Friend of the Earth Female – Most fabulous crash by a female
PRIZE:  Sash
NOMINATIONS:  Ailie McDonald, Rebecca Wisac, Emma Viotto, Tegan Elferk,
WINNER: Couldn’t decide so the award goes to the whole Suzuki Bontrager Female Cycling Team – Emma Viotto, Ailie McDonald, Rebecca Wisak, Maddy Marshall

Most Euro – For the sharpest dressed cyclists on the bike
PRIZE:  Sash
NOMINATIONS:  Ben McDuff, Michael Matthews, Dominic Romano, Rachel Lynch, Alice Wallett, Heath Chester, The whole Tiffen & Co Team
WINNER:  Dominic Romano

Super Volunteer – For the person who has done multiple good deeds throughout the year that did not go unnoticed
PRIZE:  Sash
NOMINATIONS:  Stu Jones, Mick Faye, Adrian Marshall, Baden Bourke, Ed Rice
WINNER:  Adrian Marshall

The Half Wheeler Award – For the person who always makes you ride harder than you actually want to
PRIZE:  Sash
NOMINATIONS:  Stu Shaw, Adam Phelan, Laura Meadley, Dave Elvin, Stephen Isbel, Kris Johnston
WINNER:  Adam Phelan

Cycling’s Biggest Fan – For the non-cyclists who always turns up to support
PRIZE:  Sash
NOMINATIONS: The whole Quon Team, Elaine Bissiker, Megan O’Neill, Liz Fitch, Trish Ellis, Maryann Simpson, Leanne Palmer
WINNER:   Elaine Bissiker

The Super Domestique – For the cyclist who is always there to give you a push up the hill, help fix a flat, or shout you a brew
PRIZE:  Sash
NOMINATIONS:  Ailie McDonald, Marc Williams, Kris Johnston, Ben Hill, Les Risdale, David Coyles, Dale Brearley
WINNER:  Marc Williams

The Sexy Legs Award – For the best legs in the bunch
NOMINATIONS:  Daniel Green, Sarah Page, Michael Phelan, Matthew Rizzuto, Lisa Keeling, Liam O’Dea, Andy Yates
WINNER:  Daniel Green

The Team Award – Best team on the night, attendance, participation, sharpest and loudest
NOMINATIONS:  On The Rivett, Tiffen & Co, Team Quon, Ladies Who Lunch, Cox Blackshaw
WINNER:  Team Tiffen & Co Cycling (Allan Sieper)

Ailie McDonald for Best Dressed Female and Sean Whitfield for Best Dressed Male