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Centenary Horse Ride – Watch for Horses on shared paths 10th Nov

The ACT Equestrian Association is running a large scale event on 10 November that will see horses on a number of shared paths around Canberra. Please be aware and slow down when passing.


More details:
Horse riders are riding from Hall Showground, through west and south Belconnen, the Cork Oaks underpass and the Arboretum to Equestrian Park, Yarralumla.  Other horse riders are coming from Pine Island, Kambah, Cooleman Ridge, Eucumbene Drive and using the new route under the Cotter Rd, North Weston ponds and Southwells Crossing to Equestrian Park.

In north Canberra, the Ride route coincides with busy cyclist routes from Cook along Bindubi St, and through the Cork Oaks underpass.  In the south cyclists often use Cooleman Ridge and Eucumbene Drive.  Some horse riders will be leaving Stromlo Forest Park Blue Gums area and crossing the Cotter Rd just west of its junction with Eucumbene Drive.   From Dixon Drive horse riders from the south will use the new equestrian underpass under the Cotter Rd and then cross the North Weston ponds.  All horse riders will cross the Molonglo River and then cross the shared path from Scrivener Dam to enter Equestrian Park.