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Congratulations to CCC Team in NCT

The CCC Team had an amazing weekend of racing at the National Capital Tour.  They held their own against the Nation’s best cyclists and did the Club proud.
 Thank you goes out to:
  • Tom Palmer for the advice he gave to the team all weekend.
  • Liz Fitch for keeping us all organised and displaying some great driving skills
  • Maryann Simpson for looking after us and also some great driving skills on Sunday
It was great to see such a large number of Canberra riders in the men’s and women’s races and the camaraderie shown between each of the teams – CCC, Suzuki and Tiffen Cycling – across the weekend was awesome.
Once again well done to the entire CCC team on their performances.
  • Jared Greenville
  • James Toole
  • Kenneth Webster
  • Jason Chalker
  • Benji Marshall
  • Tom Palmer
  • Tristan Dimmock
  • Nathan Booth