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Crits are Coming*

We have been working hard to propose a calendar for the 2021/22 Summer Criterium Series & we are excited to share the calendar with you.

With the recent announcement from ACT Health, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for when we MIGHT be able to commence. Pending restrictions, the series is looking likely to start on Wednesday the 3rd of November (which gives you around 4 weeks to get crit fit).

A few key changes to the 2021/22 series:

  • Introduction of BYE weeks to increase race duration of races in the earlier part of the season for the grades racing
  • Entry has increased to $15, this is something the committee struggled to come to terms with, but as the running costs over the years have crept upwards we can no longer sustainably run the series at a lower fee. (You’ll still be able to access the old $10 rego fee if you volunteer).
  • ACT Champs is now held on ONE weekend day, rather than spread out over a couple of weekday afternoons
  • Introduction of a targeted women’s series (more details to come)
  • Team size reduced from 7 to 5 (you can still have multiple ‘squads’ of 5) – Team Rego now open

We’ve updated the Crit Info Page with most of the new information. There will be a few tweaks and updates as we get closer to launch.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we release further details on this Summer’s Criterium Series.