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Draft CCC Road Calendar – Open for Comment

 The draft CCC Road program contains 29 events. In response to the survey, a TT series has been included (and will include VCC events) and the number of handicaps has been increased.

It is anticipated that the joint clubs points competition will be run again.

In order to manage a program of this size, members will be required to assist in organising events. For example, the TT program will need a coordinator. Additional members joining the race committee would be appreciated.

Traffic control marshalling by members will be needed to keep costs down. We will investigate the opportunity for more traffic controller courses in the near term (and without member support in this area, the number of events will need to be reduced).

For the TT series, suggestions for an appropriate TT course would be appreciated. Suggestions on a TT course should consider marshalling requirements, that potential courses are generally limited to the areas where road racing usually occurs. However, TAMS will discuss alternatives, but will also balance needs of other community members in their decision).


Please provide any comments on the program below or email them to Chris Short by Thursday 22nd January.