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Erindale College Talented Sports Program

The Erindale College Talented Sports Program (TSP) Commenced in 1993.

The program has been developed in response to the needs of students in years 10-12 who wish to achieve excellence in both academic and sporting pursuits.  TSP offers students the opportunity to develop their sporting ability in selected squads with specialised coaching staff while providing a supportive and structured environment in which to maximise their academic potential.

Erindale College has taken the next step to service students in TSP by:

  • Providing up to date facilities for student use
  • Recruiting staff at the elite level in sport, specialising in coaching, strength and conditioning and Athlete Career Education
  • Offering students academic studies at 3 levels

o   Tertiary

o   Vocational

o   Accredited

The success of the program has been recognised at national and international level, with visiting administrators and teachers from throughout Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, The Peoples’ Republic of China and South Africa.

The Erindale College Talented Sports Program aims to:

  • Provide an environment where students are able to pursue excellence in their chosen sport
  • Enable Students to achieve their potential in their academic studies at either Tertiary or Accredited level
  • Provide an environment where talented sports students are able to work with similarly minded students to maximise their development in both their academic and sporting pursuits
  • Provide a program that maximises the use of existing sporting facilities
  • Provide a supportive structure where students are assisted in developing strategies to enable them to maximise and manage success in all areas of their life

For more information:

Website – http://www.erindalec.act.edu.au/

Contact – Executive Teacher of Sports Academy

Mark Armstrong
Phone – (02) 6205 8146
Fax – (02) 62058109
Email – [email protected]