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2016 Road Series Race 12

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Date(s) - 25/06/2016
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Corner of Smiths Road and Naas Road

Start: Corner Smiths Road & Naas Road Tharwa

Riders will ride to and turn at Apollo Rd and return to the start/finish. Each lap is approx. 18km

MA/B and WA four laps
MC/D/E and WB/C three laps


Today, Canberra put on one of its Classic winter mornings. A postcard shot would have you thinking it was a balmy 25degC. Only to find with a  closer look, a bunch of people wearing a lot of layers to stay warm. A brave 29 lost souls rocked up to what is the first of a handful of longer club races. Was it the cold that scared off the lower grades? Was it the distance. Only time will tell

If you are reading this and thinking “I reckon I could write something funny about my grade”. Send it to the Race Secretary (via the ‘Committee’ link on the website)  by early evening, same day as the race. Even a quick QOTD is always welcome


Good size turnout for A grade with a mix of local and interstate riders.
With an impromptu vote the group decided that the first Tennant climb would be ideal to warm everyone’s legs up, we were soon greeted by headwinds all the way to the turnaround point which meant tailwinds for the return leg.
Jordan decided he would slip in some TT training until Gordo jumped on for some TTT training and Ricky from Goulburn decided to join in and see what all the fuss was about. The trio stayed together for the rest of the race, some speculated they were swapping recipes or even discussing male grooming tips, either way they worked well together and took the entire podium.

The main bunch had the pleasure of viewing and cheering on the winners at each turnaround point, Charles was running the book for the final placing but conveniently disappeared soon after the bets were placed.
Brendan’s new cologne had everyone entranced, it was like watching the pied piper, wherever this guy went everyone followed, every now and again a crosswind broke the scent and the bunch quickly remembered how to roll. A burst up the last climb sorted the main bunch out before a fast finish which saw Andy Cartwright cross the line to claim the remaining prize money.

Big thanks to the volunteers, without them this race would not have happened.

‘John Bridge’

C, D & E were combined because of low numbers for each grade. Therefore a glimmer of hope existed for some in the lower grades of a lap or so ride with stronger riders before the fireworks would go off towards the end. Anyway, 6 minutes into the race – about half way up Tennant, groups formed according to grade i.e. Womens A + Mens C, Womens B + Mens D. With slower climbers strung out to tough it out in the wind on their own. The gaps grew ever wider over the duration of the race. However, at the end it looked like the small C group had their own little sprint and a little time later D grade tested out their cadence on the downhill finish.

‘Heath Chester’

Naas Road               25/6/2016
Place Number Name Grade Distance Speed Race Time Club
1 513 BLAKERS, Rachel WA 54 34.7 1:33:21 ANU CC
1 1469 TRUDINGER, Jenny WB 54 32.1 1:40:52 VCC
2 1394 MCDONNELL, Katie WB 54 30.2 1:47:09 VCC
1 728 welfare, Maggie WC 54 29.6 1:49:18 ACT CF
1 605 LOUIS, Jordan MA 72 37.9 1:53:56 VCC
2 708 brooker, ricky MA 72 37.9 1:53:56 GCC
3 527 BREWSTER, Gordon MA 72 37.9 1:53:56 CCC
4 741 cartwright, andy MA 72 37.9 1:54:06 GCC
5 715 roberts, cameron MA 72 37.9 1:54:06 GCC
6 378 WILSON, Nicholas MA 72 37.9 1:54:06 CCC
7 610 MCCOSKER, Andrew MA 72 37.9 1:54:06 VCC
8 346 CRISPIN, Steven MA 72 37.9 1:54:06 CCC
9 964 BYATT, Brendan MA 72 37.6 1:54:55 CCC
10 383 BRIDGE, John MA 72 37.5 1:55:14 CCC
11 739 detourettes, Nathan MA 72 37.5 1:55:14 Eurobodalla
DNF 970 NICOLL, Charles MA CCC
DNF 718 hodges, Will MA check
No Chute 1301 ROSSER, Michael MA VCC
No Chute 703 thompson, scott MA Nowra
1 720 barker, William MB 72 35.0 2:03:22 ANU CC
2 460 FRANCIS, Mark MB 72 33.9 2:07:29 CCC
3 722 blaney-brown, Oliver MB 72 33.9 2:07:29 VCC
4 20 CHESTER, Tom MB 72 33.9 2:07:29 CCC
5 1359 McMURRAY, Rowan MB 72 33.9 2:07:33 VCC
6 731 craig, scott MB 72 33.9 2:07:33 check
7 744 newman, anthony mb 72 33.9 2:07:33 ANU CC
1 710 Hazell, Johnathan mc 48 31.4 1:31:43 CCC
2 1475 STOREY, Peter MC 54 34.0 1:35:18 VCC
3 194 CARR, Michael MC 54 34.0 1:35:21 CCC
1 725 roesler, Stuart MD 54 32.3 1:40:24 ADF CC
2 1005 BEALE, Matthew MD 54 32.3 1:40:24 ANU CC
3 734 tunnah, mike MD 54 32.3 1:40:27 VCC