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ACT Individual Time Trial Championships – Vikings Cycling Club

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Date(s) - 11/10/2014
8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Uriarra Crossing

Location: This course uses the roads between Uriarra Crossing, East West Road and Mt Macdonald.

Timing: Course set up will commence at 8:00am with racing to commence at 9:00am. Racing is expected to conclude at approx. 11.30pm and pack up completed by 12 noon.

Race overview: Riders start at the top of Uriarra Crossing and proceed north Brindabella Road before turning to return to the start/finish. There will be two variations depending on race distance.

COURSE 1 – one/two laps for 15/30km

Two laps: Elite Women (30km)

One lap: Para-Cycling Women, U19 Women, U17 Men, Masters Women, Tandem Women

Riders head south to a turn point on Brindabella Rd, 300 metres south of BullockPaddock Rd. Riders then return straight back to the start/finish. Elite women will do a second lap for 30km, other listed categories will do a single lap for 15km.


COURSE 2 – one/two laps for 20/40km

Two laps: Elite Men, U23 Men

One lap: Masters Men, Tandems Men, U19 Men, Para-Cycling Men

Riders head south on Uriarra Rd and turn left at Brindabella Rd. Riders turn 1200 metres east of Jim Bradley Cres then turn left at the Binrdabella/Uriarra Rd intersection (towards Condor Creek). Riders will turn on Brindabella Rd, 300 metres south of BullockPaddock Rd, before heading straight back to the start finish area. Elite and U23 men will do a second lap for 40km, other listed categories will do a single lap for 20km

Car Parking: Competitors will park at Uriarra Crossing.



Saturday saw one of the strongest fields for the ACT time trial champs in recent years as people took advantage of the weather and a rare opportunity to break out their time trial bling. Big thanks to race director Peta Brill and her team of club volunteers (Michael Ryan, Jen Trudinger, Kylie Wilson, Clare Hilly) who all performed their duties magnificently; to the ADCC volunteers for the extra hands; and to RTMT for ably managing managing traffic as always. Congratulations to the riders for setting some great times. Some great photos are available from Mark Walker photography <http://www.markwalkerphotography.com.au/sportsimages/act-championship-2014-road-race> and Adrian Marshall

Please note that ADCC champs riders are eligible for the ACT championship medals in the 20km categories.

Apologies for the late results posting, the club only received them this morning and several corrections needed to be made. Any issues with the results, please contact me by email ASAP.

*ACT Individual Time Trial Championships 2014 *
*ELITE WOMEN (30km)*
1st. Louisa Lobigs: 0:50:40 (35.5 km/h)
2nd. Caitlin Pearse: 0:59:59 (30.0 km/h)

*WOMEN MASTERS 3 (15km)*
1st. Michelle Burns: 0:26:21 (34.2 km/h)
2nd. Tanya King: 0:28:08 (32.0 km/h)

*WOMEN MASTERS 4 (15km)*
1st. Gaye Bourke: 0:26:01 (34.6 km/h)

*WOMEN MASTERS 5 (15km)*
1st. Rosemary Robinson: 0:29:19 (30.7 km/h)

*WOMEN MASTERS 6 (15km)*
1st. Lyn Vasuduva: 0:29:01 (31.0 km/h)

*MEN U17 (15km)*
1st. Oliver Murray: 0:23:48 (37.8 km/h)
2nd. Bailey Marshall: 0:24:46 (36.3 km/h)
3rd. Matthew Rice: 0:25:18 (35.6 km/h)
4th. Tristan Yip: 0:30:03 (30.0 km/h)
5th. Callum Burns: 0:30:18 (29.7 km/h)

*MEN U19 (20km)*
1st. Will Irving: 0:35:56 (33.4 km/h)

*MEN U23 (40km)*
1st. Nathan Booth: 1:00:39 (39.6 km/h)
2nd. Sam Moorby: 1:01:42 (38.9 km/h)
3rd. Adam Wozniak: 1:02:39 (38.3 km/h)
4th. Anthony Bogniatzis: 1:02:43 (38.3 km/h)
5th. Luke Connors: 1:03:17 (37.9 km/h)

*MEN ELITE (40km)*
1st. Hayden Campbell: 1:04:17 (37.3 km/h)
2nd. Warren Wood: 1:09:26 (34.6 km/h)

*MEN MASTERS 1 (20km)*
1st. Simon Dwyer: 0:30:07 (39.8 km/h)
2nd. Tim Britton: 0:30:54 (38.8 km/h)
3rd. Andrew McCosker: 0:31:39 (37.9 km/h)
4th. Clinton Glover: 0:32:27 (37.0 km/h)
5th. Edward Hilly: 0:32:29 (36.9 km/h)
6th. Benjamin Blundell: 0:33:13 (36.1 km/h)
7th. Andrew Thaller: 0:33:21 (36.0 km/h)
8th. James Steen: 0:35:24 (33.9 km/h)
9th. Jonathon Lowe: 0:35:32 (33.8 km/h)

*MEN MASTERS 2 (20km)*
1st. Jesse Graham: 0:29:42 (40.4 km/h)
2nd. Ben Carmody: 0:30:03 (39.9 km/h)
3rd. Chad Smith: 0:32:41 (36.7 km/h)
4th. Rob Wagner: 0:34:05 (35.2 km/h)
5th. Simon Belson: 0:34:26 (34.8 km/h)

*MEN MASTERS 3 (20km)*
1st. Michael Tolhurst: 0:28:35 (42.0 km/h)
2nd. Marc Vroomens: 0:32:33 (36.9 km/h)
3rd. Ben Long: 0:33:06 (36.3 km/h)
4th. Mark Toyer: 0:34:28 (34.8 km/h)
5th. Alex Walker: 0:34:37 (34.7 km/h)

*MEN MASTERS 4 (20km)*
1st. Brendan Byatt: 0:30:25 (39.5 km/h)
2nd. Matt Overton: 0:31:12 (38.5 km/h)
3rd. Glen Moorby: 0:32:31 (36.9 km/h)
4th. Tony Shields: 0:36:44 (32.7 km/h)

*MEN MASTERS 5 (20km)*
1st. Tom Hartley: 0:30:23 (39.5 km/h)
2nd. Paul Frankom: 0:33:23 (35.9 km/h)
3rd. Jeff Irving: 0:34:31 (34.8 km/h)
4th. Steve Bowman: 0:38:04 (31.5 km/h)

*MEN MASTERS 6 (20km)*
1st. Peter Klein: 0:32:22 (37.1 km/h)
2nd. Michael Carr: 0:32:37 (36.8 km/h)

*MEN MASTERS 7 (20km)*
1st. Reinhard Mauch: 0:31:49 (37.7 km/h)

*MEN MASTERS 8 (20km)*
1st. John Warren: 0:45:56 (26.1 km/h)

*MEN PARA C4 (20km)*
1st. Matthew Kallir Preece: 0:45:05 (26.6 km/h)

* Australian Defence Cycling Club Individual Time Trial Championships 2014*

1st. Susie Peterson: 0:40:01 (30.0 km/h)

1st. Jeremy Ross: 0:27:35 (43.5 km/h)
2nd. Justin Tomlinson: 0:30:35 (39.2 km/h)
3rd. Dion Blair: 0:31:39 (37.9 km/h)
4th. Dale O’Shannesy: 0:31:44 (37.8 km/h)

* ADCC MEN MASTERS 1 (20km)*
1st. Clinton Glover: 0:32:27 (37.0 km/h)
2nd. Benjamin Blundell: 0:33:13 (36.1 km/h)
3rd. Richard Robinson: 0:38:41 (31.0 km/h)

1st. Chad Smith: 0:32:41 (36.7 km/h)
2nd. Rob Wagner: 0:34:05 (35.2 km/h)
3rd. Simon Belson: 0:34:26 (34.8 km/h)

1st. Marc Vroomens: 0:32:33 (36.9 km/h)
2nd. Alex Walker: 0:34:37 (34.7 km/h)

1st. Steve Bowman: 0:38:04 (31.5 km/h)