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Canberra Cycling Club Summer Criterium Series

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Date(s) - 18/10/2017
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Stromlo Forest park

Prologue Results

Well done to everyone tonight in the season opening Prologue round. What a great night it was, with a large range of abilities all the way from first-time racers in E Grade and Women’s C Grade to the seasoned semi-pros in A Grade.

Women were out in numbers racing in the re-launched Women’s B Grade and Women’s C Grades. Attendance is really important to keep women’s grades in the series in the future, so please encourage all the girls you know to come out and race. ANU Cycling Club have done a great job at getting some new women into the sport this year, and we look forward to their riders joining the women’s grades for the first time on 1 November. Also remember, if you attend 13+ WB/WC crits during the series, you will score a free CCC jersey. Women’s B & Women’s C Grade will not be racing next week, to give the other grades longer races whilst the sun is still setting early. To make up for next week, the women’s grades will have an extra round (Round 19, on the 14th of March) at the end of the season, on the same night as many of the men are having their ACT Criterium Championships races.

A to E Grades:
Be sure to check your grade for next week. Below, you will see if you have (a) the option to move up a grade, or if you must change grades for next week. If you have the option of changing grades, please email me at [email protected] to let me know, otherwise you will remain in the same grade.

Marshalling Duty:
Team ONYA will be doing the marshalling duty next week, operating the timing board and taking places in the chute. Could you please arrange for at least one person to arrive by 5:30 and have at least two people available from about 5:45 onwards. We are still short of teams for marshal duty, so please consider putting your hand up for this task. It requires two people at all times during the night and you can swap with other people throughout the night in order to allow you to race as well. If you’re not part of a registered criterium series team, please consider putting your hand up for marshal duty as an individual: email me at [email protected]

Junior Whites:
Well done to the few Junior Whites who came out to race, some of whom were racing for the first time. Our fantastic junior co-ordinator, Nathan Schubert, tells me he is expecting a larger turnout for the grade once the season gets underway. Junior Whites will not be racing next week, but are welcome to join in the 4:30pm Junior Skills session. Junior Whites will instead have an extra round at the end of the season (Round 19), on the same night as some of the adults are having their ACT Criterium Championships Race.

CRITSonline Results:
With the first series points available starting next week, CRITSonline will be the go to place for results starting next week. If you’re intending to race the crits for the first time, please email [email protected] during the week so we can enter your name in the system.

www.CritsOnline.com is the results website (starting next week)

Permanent Numbers:
If you are a CCC member, we strongly prefer you to have a permanent number. These are the fabric numbers, mostly from 1 to 399, as opposed to the vinyl numbers 700+. Apart from speeding up registration each week, they’re also more comfortable. If you’d like a permanent number, please email [email protected] . Vikings Cycling Club members can also use their permanent numbers at CCC races, however must get these through Vikings Cycling Club.

Teams Registration:
Please register your teams by Tuesday 24th October to ensure your points count towards the team point-score. Each team will have an allocated marshal duty night, and as a not-for-profit association, we do rely on our members and racing constituency to do the marshalling in order to keep entry fees down.

If you’d like to volunteer to help out during the crit season, please get in touch via [email protected] . Maybe your child would like to get some work experience by helping on the registration desk, canteen, set-up or pack-down. We’re all volunteers, and many hands keep racing going and benefit the racing experience.

Grade Mentors
Thanks to Jay Vine, Michael Schmitt and Jeremy Ross for helping to mentor some of the lower grades tonight. This is really important in increasing the level of safety in the lower grades where some less experienced riders are still gaining their bunch riding skills. If you’re an experienced rider, we’d like you to consider helping to make CCC a great club by mentoring C, D, E, WB, WC and Junior White grades. What that means is riding around with one or more of those grades (it doesn’t have to be every week) looking out for un-safe riding and letting individuals know during their race what they need to improve on, especially safety-wise (eg. not overlapping wheels, holding line etc.) and without impacting the outcome of the race. This can also double as a warmup before your own race. In fact, it’s the only way you may warm up on the track. Please contact me on [email protected] if you’d like to help out with grade mentoring.

See you next week for Round 1. The point-score begins next week!


Matt Robertson
CCC Club Captain & Criterium Series Co-ordinator

Prologue Results (18th October 2017)

Place Women’s B Next Week
1 Megan Pitcher
2 Allison Lane
3 Noa Millman
4 Mila Knezovic
5 Lauren Thomas
6 Chloe Batup
7 Vivian Robertson
Place Women’s C Next Week
1 783 Ellie Hoitink
2 729 Jordyne Rauter
3 1025 Lauren Bartsch
4 733 Michelle Rak
5 719 Angela Batup
6 183 Lauren Bates
7 130 Raeleigh Rogers
8 175 Mia Chamberlain
Place A Grade Next Week
1 740 Jay Vine
2 140 Jeremy Ross
3 759 Stu Shaw
4 333 Matt Rizzuto
5 931 Lachlan Paton
6 788 Jason Chalker
7 384 Karl Michelin-Beard
8 730 Jarrod Hughes
9 709 Ben Marshall
10 562 Dan McNamara
11 419 Daniel Simpson
12 768 Josh Taylor
DNF 862 Anthony Brew
DNF 768 Josh Taylor
DNF 1488 Michael Schmitt B Grade
Place B Grade Next Week
1 708 Hardy Lohse Option to A
2 909 Hayden Campbell Option to A
3 139 Dylan Hopkins
4 708 Paul Aubrey Option to A
5 141 Matt Darling Option to A
6 912 Macka Edwardson
7 715 Jonathan Hazall
8 714 Jeremy Muir Option to A
NoChute 971 Andrew Chamberlain
NoChute ? Tom Chester
NoChute 527 Gordo Brewster
NoChute 926 Greg Collis
NoChute 555 Emma Viotto
NoChute 359 Dan Simms
NoChute 723 Rob McLachlan
NoChute 375 Alec Brown
NoChute 752 Michael Brice
NoChute 289 Sam Moffitt
NoChute 1393 Andrew Krusty Bryant
NoChute 192 Ed Hall
NoChute 1078 Wenqi Zhang
NoChute 733 Matt Gale
NoChute 280 Walsch
NoChute 460 Mark Francis
Place C Grade Next Week
1 514 Julian Singson
2 106 Sean Hunt Option to C
3 769 Patrick Roberts
4 973 ?
5 300 Jeff Walsch
6 154 Ben Carmody Option to B
7 1379 Ed Hilly
8 971 Belinda Chamberlain Option to B
9 877 Benjamin Van Zwol
10 996 Richard Hedley
No Chute 173 Oscar Chamberlain
No Chute 1327 Glen Moorby
No Chute 875 Glenn Sinnott
No Chute 738 Danny Currall D Grade
No Chute 435 Peter Coll
No Chute 749 Lyndon Iles D Grade
No Chute 778 Aaron Passoura
No Chute 1018 Lewis Brocklehurst
No Chute 743 Jason Yeoh
No Chute 767 Brent Rechter
No Chute 703 Georgina Von Marburg
No Chute 468 Claire Aubrey
No Chute 868 Ayla Rudgley
No Chute 410 Alex Newman
No Chute 935 Tony Rowley D Grade
No Chute 297 Tony Nicholson
No Chute 893 Emily Parkes
Place D Grade Next Week
1 759 Andrew Cullens C Grade
2 119 Josh Bates
3 709 Sam Huang
4 734 ?
5 570 Cameron Rogers
6 241 Andrew Simpfendorfer
7 146 James Jordan
8 230 Heath Chester
9 778 Shane Kelly E Grade
10 129 Wayne Pettett E Grade
11 723 Eoin Rothery E Grade
NoChute 735 Troy Cassell E Grade
NoChute 353 Nathan Schubert
NoChute 134 Craig Appaneal
NoChute 733 Michael Haines E Grade
Place E Grade Next Week
1 703 Alex Dietrich D Grade
2 752 Gavin Jackson
3 767 Daniel Lalor
4 769 Phillip Elliott
5 773 Callum Dennis
6 760 David Knight
Place Junior Whites Next Week
1 317 Joshua Thurecht-Luckham
2 743 Oliver Balfour
3 762 Chloe Pragt
Place Junior HC Next Week
1 995 Tom Hedley
1 375 Luke Withington
1 783 Angus Withington
1 716 Tom Dau
1 729 Lara Dau
1 ? Edward Jordan
1 758 Jack Appaneal
1 205 Luke Rogers