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Pierces Ck to Tidbinbilla – Graded scratch road race

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Date(s) - 16/11/2013
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Pierces Ck

To wrap up the road season, CCC is hosting a two ‘stage’ race this Saturday. Unfortuantely, the 3rd ‘stage’ on Sunday has been cancelled due to a lack of marshals).

You do not have to finish the morning race to start the criterium in the afternoon – but you can only race the criterium if you race the road race in the morning.

The overall leader for each grade across the two races will be determined on the basis of points. Points are determined by your placing in each race (1 for 1st, 2 for 2nd etc). Lowest combined points is awarded the overall win.

Event 1: Scratch race: Pierces Creek -> Tidbinbilla and back

Riders start at the top of Pierces Ck (approx. 1.9kms up from the Cotter crossing), then head south past Discovery Drive to the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve for the turn-around and return to the Start. This is one lap or approx. 24kms.

All grades do two laps ie approx. 48kms.

  • Separate racing will be offered to Juniors – course distance to be determined on the day depending on attendance.
  • Sign-on: Cotter Reserve car-park. Sign-on closes at 8:45am to allow time to get up to the Start area.
  • Parking: Please park in the Cotter Reserve. No parking at Pierces Creek – parking up at the race start may threaten the viability of this course in future road approvals.
Other information:
  • Entry is $10 for each event (the use of Care Traffic to marshal races has required an increase in race costs).
  • For safety, riders must have a current Cycling Australia licence. 3 ride permits or full licences can be bought at the time of registration.
  • For insurance reasons, please note that 3 ride permits purchased from other clubs may not be accepted at CCC races. 3 ride permits are for new riders that have never held a CA licence.
  • Riders must have an approved Australian Standard Helmet and have a bike in roadworthy condition.
  • Riders must be present for the race brief prior to their grade start
  • Riders must go through the finish chute to have your finish place recorded.


Despite a threatening forecast and the effects of the CCC ball, 45 riders turned out for race 1 at Pierces Creek on Sat. The course was challenging with virtually no flat sections.The first group away was A-grade and by the end of the first lap 2 riders – Nathan Booth and Tristan Dimmock – had made a break and were looking comfortable out front. Others paid the price for too much training in the lead up to Bright and decided that 1 lap was enough. The two man break’s attempt to get away, however, was thwarted on the second lap with the group coming back together. Despite already spending much of the time out front, Nathan attacked again on the final climb and managed to stay away for a solid win, closely followed in by Tristan and David Parker.

The next group on the road, B-grade, hit the ground running. The race broke up pretty quickly with a lead group of 4 established. This group stuck together until the end when Simon Dwyer showed why he should get promoted to A-grade (take note handicapper) winning the sprint finish against some tough competition. Anthony Murfett made it in for second and Aaron Coles picking up 3rd.

Men’s C and Women’s A were the next to leave and were the biggest group of the day. As with B-grade, by the end of the first lap a break of 3 had established and were looking strong. At the turn around Ben Smyth was making sure his fellow riders were up for the challenge of keeping the pack at bay by reminding them they needed to eat and drink. Ben then confirmed his recent good form by winning the final sprint with enough time to check behind to make sure he was clear of Michael Rosser (2nd) and Oliver Murray (3rd). In Women’s A Erin Zimmer had a convincing win, with Gemma Ansell and Cheryl Hulskamp coming in 2nd and 3rd.

Women’s B were hit the course next doing 1 lap. Despite a warning from the Race Director on the start line to competitors to watch Lucy Bechtel, she managed to still ride her way to victory in her first ever road race – a great result. She was followed in by Michelle Burns and Philippa Henty.

A combined Men’s D & E group were the last to set off. In Men’s D Anthony Bogiatzis and Steve Rodgers managed to gap the field coming into the finish, setting up a contested sprint. It was Anthony who held out on the day taking the win, with the pair closely followed in by Zachary Zala.

In Men’s E it was a another debutant in Mark Francis that took out the win in good style. Having started with D-grade he managed to stick with them (and beat many – another one for the handicapper to take a look at) and produce a commanding win. Mark was followed in by Matthew Larkin and John Warren.

Thanks to all the competitors for some safe and fun racing, and a big thanks to the marshalls – Dominic Vigar, Adam Vigar, Adam Rudgley for helping out of the day.


Place Number Name Grade Distance Speed Race Time Club
1 780 ZIMMER, Erin WA 50 30.4 1:38:36 VCC
2 451 ANSELL, Gemma WA 50 29.2 1:42:44 CCC
3 191 HULSKAMP, Cheryl WA 50 26.7 1:52:26 CCC
1 753 BECHTEL, Lucy WB 25 25.8 0:58:15 CCC
2 979 BURNS, Michelle WB 25 25.5 0:58:43 CCC
3 1499 HENTY, Philippa WB 25 25.4 0:59:03 VCC
4 229 VASUDEVA, Lyn WB 25 27.1 0:55:19 VCC
1 396 BOOTH, Nathan MA 50 35.5 1:24:31 CCC
2 763 DIMMOCK, Tristan MA 50 35.5 1:24:32 CCC
3 1080 PARKER, David MA 50 35.5 1:24:32 ANU CC
4 378 WILSON, Nicholas MA 50 35.5 1:24:32 CCC
5 531 WEBSTER, Kenneth MA 50 35.3 1:24:52 CCC
6 733 THOMAS, Michael MA 50 35.2 1:25:16 CCC
DNF 1441 MOORBY, Samuel MA VCC
1 200 DWYER, Simon MB 50 34.7 1:26:20 VCC
2 488 MURFETT, Anthony MB 50 34.7 1:26:20 ANU CC
3 528 COLES, Aaron MB 50 34.7 1:26:20 CCC
4 756 WILSON, Peter MB 50 34.6 1:26:41 CCC
5 50 SPILLANE, Nathan MB 50 32.2 1:33:06 CCC
6 230 WHITING, Andrew MB 50 32.1 1:33:34 VCC
7 182 PHILLIPS, Leo MB 50 31.9 1:34:05 CCC
1 142 SMYTH, Benjamin MC 50 32.9 1:31:07 CCC
2 1301 ROSSER, Michael MC 50 32.9 1:31:07 VCC
3 967 MURRAY, Oliver MC 50 32.9 1:31:07 CCC
4 345 SHORT, Christopher MC 50 32.4 1:32:29 CCC
5 310 WELSH, James(Paul) MC 50 32.4 1:32:29 CCC
6 761 TAYLOR, Michael MC 50 32.4 1:32:29 check
7 901 ROBINSON, Martin MC 50 32.4 1:32:37 CCC
8 751 MOORBY, Glenn MC 50 32.2 1:33:03 ADFCC
9 525 DRAPE, Jeremy MC 50 31.6 1:35:02 CCC
10 194 CARR, Michael MC 50 31.2 1:36:07 CCC
11 291 GOODSPEED, Bruce MC 50 29.2 1:42:44 Eurobodalla CC
1 1498 BOGIATZIS, Anthony MD 25 28.2 0:53:09 VCC
2 730 RODGERS, STEVEN MD 25 28.2 0:53:09 CCC
3 566 ZALA, Zachary MD 25 27.6 0:54:21 CCC
4 754 MACNEILL, PATRICK MD 25 27.2 0:55:05 ADFCC
5 737 NESBITT, Andrew MD 25 27.2 0:55:05 VCC
6 1307 RYAN, Michael MD 25 26.9 0:55:41 VCC
7 739 KENNELLY, Paul MD 25 25.8 0:58:15 check
8 784 SLIWINSKI, Michael MD 25 25.8 0:58:15 CCC
9 1005 BEALE, Matthew MD 25 25.7 0:58:25 ANU CC
1 460 FRANCIS, Mark ME 25 26.6 0:56:21 CCC
2 221 LARKIN, Matthew ME 25 25.8 0:58:15 VCC
3 324 WARREN, John ME 25 20.9 1:11:37 CCC