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Rnd1 – Uriarra Homestead

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Date(s) - 01/03/2014
8:00 am - 11:00 am

Uriarra Homestead

Location: This course uses the roads between Uriarra Crossing, Condor Creek and the end of the bitumen on Brindabella Road.

Timing: Course set up will commence at 8.00am with racing to commence at 9.00am. Racing is expected to conclude at approx. 11.30am and pack up completed by 12.00pm.


The season opener is a short course that offers opportunities to both climbers and the more powerful riders that prefer a flatter course.

The course is:

  • Uriarra Homestead (start) to
  • Condor Creek turn to
  • Top-of-Uriarra Crossing turn to
  • climb to the end-of-tar turn
  • Finish at Uriarra Homestaed
  • Distance is approximately 42km

Can the climbers get away on the ride to the end of the tar and back over Blue Range hill before being caught in the flat run to the finish?

Car Parking: Competitors will park at Uriarra Homestead.


Results and Report

The first road race of the season showed that the seasons have indeed changed, with riders faced with drizzle, damp roads and a few ‘rally cars’.  Even though, the program advertised a graded scratch, the lower than normal numbers (of 30 riders) determined it would be fairer to have a handicap over the shorter course (thanks Miles for the handicapping on the spot).

The handicap was very close in the end with coming home in quick succession, however the combined Men’s D/Women’s B grade held just before the other grades.  The A graders could see the eventual winner crossing the line.

The only downside of the race was a nasty accident involving Craig Paterson and Pip Henty.  Craig came away with some beautiful colours grazes requiring some clean up, while Pip was lucky no to brake anything, however will need surgery to get all the asphalt out of my knee.  Thank you to Peter Zala for picking up both riders and bringing them back to the start, and to Angus Bell taking Pip to hospital.

A huge thank you to the marshals Alistair Nitz, Steven Rodgers, Michael Sliwinski and Danny Supple for lending a hand where ever needed.  Lastly, once again thank Peter Gough and Chris Short for the technical support in running the event.

Below are the results:

Place Number Name Grade Speed Race Time Club
1 566 ZALA, Zachary MD 31.0 0:58:06 CCC
2 1322 NESBITT, Andrew MD 31.0 0:58:06 check
3 537 SIMPSON, James MD 30.9 0:58:15 CCC
4 1007 MUTTON, Christopher MD 30.6 0:58:53 ANU CC
5 991 FRADKIN, Jay MC 30.5 0:59:04 CCC
6 615 DUNSTALL, Matt MC 30.5 0:59:04 VCC
7 530 LOHSE, Hardy MC 30.5 0:59:04 CCC
8 933 FRANKCOM, Paul MC 30.5 0:59:04 CCC
9 544 THOMPSON, Bethany WA 30.5 0:59:04 CCC
10 902 SCHOFELD, Andrew MD 30.5 0:59:04 check
11 752 MCMAHON, Adam MB 35.5 0:50:45 check
12 17 PROSSER, Declan MB 35.1 0:51:16 CCC
13 1301 ROSSER, Michael MB 35.1 0:51:16 VCC
14 931 PATON, Lachlan MA 39.1 0:46:05 CCC
15 396 BOOTH, Nathan MA 38.9 0:46:16 CCC
16 114 GREENVILLE, Jared MA 38.9 0:46:16 CCC
17 710 CRISPIN, Steve MA 38.9 0:46:16 CCC
18 1080 PARKER, David MA 38.9 0:46:16 ANU CC
19 955 DIMMOCK, Tristan MA 38.9 0:46:16 CCC
20 378 WILSON, Nicholas MA 38.9 0:46:16 CCC
21 169 BRITTON, Timothy MB 34.9 0:51:33 CCC
22 1440 KENNELLY, Paul MC 32.4 0:55:31 check
23 1005 BEALE, Matthew MD 30.7 0:58:41 ANU CC
24 1008 JONES, Maryon WB 30.6 0:58:52 ANUCC
25 780 SCHUURHUIS, Rien MB 32.5 0:55:20 CCC
26 4 PROSSER, Miles WB 28.4 1:03:17 CCC
27 608 ELFERKH, Tegan WA 29.2 1:01:41 VCC
DNF 714 HENTY, Philipa WB VCC
DNF 1414 BELL, Angus MD VCC


Can those people who have check next to their name please contact Chris Short to advise their club (just to ensure we have recorded it correctly).

Below is the provisional winter point score results:

The provisional point score is:

Name Points
ZALA, Zachary 10
NESBITT, Andrew 9
SIMPSON, James 8
MUTTON, Christopher 5
PATON, Lachlan (fastest time) 5
RODGERS, Steve (marshal) 5
SLIWINKSI, Michael (marshal) 5
NITZ, Alistair (marshal) 5
SUPPLE, Danny (marshal) 5
HULSKAMP, Cheryl (marshal) 5
and 1 point for everyone else who raced today