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New AIS Recovery Study – volunteers wanted

Who are we looking for?
To participate in the study you must:

  • Be a healthy male aged 18 – 45 years
  • Be a non-smoker
  • Have no current illness, infection, injury or history of back injury that may limit performance throughout the duration of the study
  • Be able to complete the full HIIT protocol (see attached) and have a cycling peak power output of ≥300watts
  • Have a body fat percentage (as determined by an initial DXA scan) of ≤12% or ≥18%
  • Be able to attend all scheduled visits to the Australian Institute of Sport

What is involved?

  • six visits to AIS totalling 14 hours
    • Visit 1 – Body composition assessment (20 min)
    • Visit 2 – HIIT cycling protocol familiarisation (120 min)
    • Visit 3 – VO2 max test and familiarisation (120 min)
    • Visits 4-6 – Full trials (3.5 hrs)
  • The full trials will involve performance testing ( 4 min cycling TT, leg power and whole body strength tests)
  • The full trials will also involve a fatiguing high intensity interval cycling test (HIIT) followed by a recovery intervention (cold water immersion or passive recovery)

What do you get out of it?

  • A FREE comprehensive body composition assessment (DXA scan, 3D body scan and Skinfolds testing)
  • A FREE VO2 max test and training zone report
  • A 2XU prize pack
  • Access to experts in the fields of recovery and sports science to answer any training and recovery questions you may have

Study Flyer

Participant Information


Jessica Stephens
PhD Scholar
Performance Recovery
Australian Institute of Sport
Australian Sports Commission
Tel: +61 2 6214 7881
Mob: +61 400 411 327
[email protected]