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Newsletter – May 2020

President’s Update
This has been a very challenging time for the club, first with bushfires (and more pertinently the ensuing smoke) which derailed the end of our criterium and track seasons, as well as the start to the road calendar. Then the coronavirus and COVID-19 disease have seen many of us either enjoy the open roads with the least amount of traffic I have ever encountered and/or increase our time on the turbo. The committee is very much looking forward to restarting as soon as it is safe to do so. Please get in touch with us if you would like to assist us in relation to this. We will need all the help we can get, once we get the green light.

It has been great to see so many Canberra Cycling Club jersey’s on Zwift recently, as I, like many of you have increased our time riding on turbo trainers. It has also been great to see the many Canberra Cycling Club members racing on Zwift (Jay and Bre Vine and Aaron Coles are notable mentions). I have even seen a few ‘Hour of Power’ rides on Zwift containing our members. This has been great to see, and I, like many of you, are looking forward to the return of bunch rides and racing. 

In real life, cycling news, Cam Rogers, Oscar Chamberlain and Claudia Marcks have been selected as an Emerging Athletes on the Australian Cycling Team Athlete Pathway!

I’m sure I speak for all club members when I say a huge congratulations to these three riders and that we are looking forward to tracking their continued development in the sport.

One issue that has been identified in relation to the ongoing viability of racing in the ACT is the small numbers of Commissaires in the ACT. We, as a club (in consultation with Cycling ACT) will need to tackle this issue, and look to increase the number of appropriately trained people. Please get in touch if you are interested.

Looking forward to seeing you all out on the road (or on zwift). 

Tristan Dimmock
CCC President
Return to Racing and Training Unfortunately at this time, we are still unable to commence racing and normal training 
With restrictions progressively easing we expect to see a return to some form of club training and racing (for example individual time trials) in the not too distant future. There are many issues to work through, and a return to racing is obviously contingent on restrictions being eased, and CCC working with Cycling ACT and other service providers to establish systems to manage our obligations in a COVID-19 environment. 

To assist with this transition, Cycling Australia have released a set of resources Rebooting Cycling in a COVID-19 Environment. They outline the measures that we as a club (administrators, volunteers, organisers, and participants) will have to take to commence training and racing when the time comes. Please familiarise yourself with the various guides. 

Thank you to Cycling ACT who have continued to engage with Sport and Recreation ACT and Cycling Australia to provide information, advice, and representation throughout this period. Please stay tuned to Cycling ACT and Cycling Australia for further announcements, as information is rapidly changing.

Current Situation

Current AIS and Cycling Australia advice is that cyclists do not slipstream within 10 metres of another cyclist. The details of this are contained in the AIS Framework for Rebooting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment (p.5). 

The ACT Government Announced easing of sport and recreation restrictions on 13 May 2020. Currently in the ACT:Social Distancing rules must still be followed (including during a ride). This precludes riding in ‘tight’ bunches. No more than 10 riders can ride together.The most recent advice emphasises the one person per four square metres rule.The ACT Government has released a FAQ relating to the changes to restrictions announced on the 13th of May. They have published some information for clubs, organisations and participants. Additional changes to restrictions are expected to come into effect on the 16th of May. 

We would like to thank our members for continuing to adhere to the social distancing rules and for setting a positive example of training and recreation. 
AGM Update
The next CCC Committee meeting will be held on Thursday 21 May via video link. At this meeting, a date for the AGM will be set. 
Join the CCC committee 
There are a range of vacant positions on the committee that we’d like to fill at the AGM. Please contact Rainer Wilton if you’d like to discuss joining the committee. 

We expect there to be significant work in preparing the club to recommence racing in a COVID-19 environment. If you have been thinking about joining the committee or otherwise volunteering then now is the time!

For adult CCC members, or an adult family member of a CCC member (including juniors): Have you done an A.C.T Event Traffic Marshal training course in 2017, or subsequently? Did you pass the classroom course, complete necessary book work subsequently, and marshal a road cycling race under observation by a mentor?Do you possess an A.C.T Event Traffic Marshal card which bears an expiry date?In either of the above cases, have you not received from Roads ACT since the beginning of 2020 an A.C.T Event Traffic Marshal card which bears no expiry date? 
If so, please e-mail John Warren: [email protected].

Please give your name, and the date of the marshal classroom course that you attended. It would also be helpful if you could give your residential address, and mobile telephone number. John will approach Roads ACT and seek to establish whether it is an omission that you have not received an A.C.T Event Traffic Marshal card which bears no expiry date. 
Are you unsure whether you completed all the necessary steps subsequent to the one-day classroom course?
You might like to telephone John on 0400 298 733 and discuss your case with him.
Strava Segment Challenge
To support the need for riders to have a challenge (at least one on the road) we have been putting up the Social Distancing Segment Challenge.  With the winner in each grade receiving a $20 voucher for club clothing.

The first two have been run over some longer distances and have been hard-fought by some keen riders who thrive on individual efforts.  

The third segment will be something a bit different with a focus on the short, sharp, power riders with a focus on some of the hills of Canberra.

So keep an eye on the CCC Facebook page.
Club Clothing
Need some leg warmers ($35), arm warmers ($25) or a cool windproof vest ($110)?

Check out our range of high quality (and importantly warm) club clothing in stock and available for you to buy. Also stocking the CCC knicks and jerseys. If you need some new kit please consider supporting the club by riding in your club colours while you’re out on a ride. We do have a handful of winter jackets left in the larger or smaller sizes. 

For clothing purchases contact CCC Clothing Coordinator: Raeleigh Rogers – [email protected] 
Zwift Rides
While all of our bunch rides have all been suspended, some Canberra riders have been using Zwift to recreate local rides. One example is the Saturday Bakery Bunch.

Check it out here