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$$ ONYA Bike Queens Birthday Tour PRIZES $$

The ONYA Bike Queens Birthday Tour is just around the corner and it is with great excitement, that CCC will be forking out $2400 in cash prizes. Our Tour sponsor, ONYA Bike is also coming to the party with $600 in gift vouchers and $400 worth of random giveaways

We are also trying something new this year. A combined ME and WC will debut as our first Novice Group, under race conditions. This is to not only encourage more participation in the lower two grades, but to cater to our ‘Ride’ Members. Places will be given, but the aim is more toward learning and riding as a group


  • $2400 in cash awarded to GC 1st 2nd and 3rd of MA/B/C/D and WA/B. The cash split will be dependent on numbers per grade (approx. $400 per grade is up for grabs. Again dependant on numbers per grade)
  • $100 ONYA Bike gift voucher, for the GC winner of each of the above grades
  • $400 in random giveaways, thanks to ONYA Bike


  • To be eligible for prize money and GC points, you must have completed all three races
  • Points will be awarded to the Top 10 of each grade, per race
  • Riders can do individual races if unavailable for the whole three (These riders will also be discouraged from attacking their not-so-fresh opponents)