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ONYA Bike Time Trial Series Results

LATEST NEWS: Round 10 Club Champs will be run on the UX – East West Rd course. One 15k lap for all

The Results for the Series are in

Well done to everyone involved. A big thank you to Race Director Pete Zala for putting in the hours, many of which in cold windy conditions and our traffic marshals, Richard Gorrell and Bill Frost

Please note the following

  • Points do not carry over when going between grades
  • For the longer races. Points are only awarded for doing the set distance, for your grade
  • If there are any queries. Please contact the Race Secretary via the Committee page, on the website

RACE 10 will be Club Champs on the 6th November. Course will be UX-East West Rd. See the calendar for full details

Next year will see a slightly shorter Series with the use of several different locations. More details to come soon

Watch this space for the ‘when and where’ of trophy presentations UPDATE: ONYA Bike will be providing prizes, across the eight categories. Presentations will be held on the 6th of November at Club Champs

All updates will come via FaceBook

Womens A

Vivian Hsieh 20
Gemma Ansell 10
Sue Powell 10
Christel Van loo 10
Bec Wiasak 10
Amelia Miles 9
Ayla 9

Womens B

Sue Powell 29
Jenny Trudinger 19
Katie MacDonnell 8

Womens C

Sarah Pettett 33
Lindy Hou 20
Samantha Nicholls 19
Lauren Thomas 19
Noa Milman 15
Lauren Robards 10
Lyn Vasudeva 9
Michelle Inglis 9
Millie 6

Mens A

Gordon Brewster 58
Brendan Byatt 30
Nathan Booth 29
Paul Salisbury 20
Tom Hartley 18
Jesse Graham 14
William Barker 14
Matt Robertson 11
Trent Smyth 11
Anthony Brew 10
Jordan Lewis 10
Ben Hill 10
Steven Crispin 7
Charles Nichol 4
Tim Cameron 4
Michael Tolhurst 3
Ben Carmody 2
Alastair Loutit 2
Scott Thompson 1
Matt Dunstall 1

Mens B

Jason Klein 20
Ed Hilly 10
Benjamin Curtis 10
Warren Wood 9
Jay Vein 7
Zak Collins 6

Mens C

Owain Tilley 54
James Jordan 33
Macca Edwardson 31
Reinhard Mauch 29
Michael Carr 24
Anthony Newman 22
Don Mankewich 20
Zak Collins 18
Dylan Hopkins 14
Wen Qi Zhang 8
Glen Moorby 8
Sean Ifland 7
Darren Stevens 4
Nicholas Tanner 4
Alexander Newman 4

Mens D

Stuart Knight 66
Josh Bates 23
Matt Rice 20
Steve Byrne 16
Dev Grewal 14
Cameron Rogers 13
Harry Jones 9
Nicholas Tanner 9
Jo Beiztel 9
Danny Currall 9
James Kirk 9
Michael Tunnah 9
Jackson Lee 8
Sufyan Saleem 7