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Pacing during Cycling Time Trials – University Study

The aim of this project is to examine the influence of race duration/distance and time trial format on the pacing and performance. As a participant in this study you will attend the laboratory at UC on 5 separate occasions. These sessions will be separated by 3-7 days.

Sessional will include:

  •  An incremental cycling test to measure VO2max
  •  Two short (~6min) time trials
  •  Two long (~30min) time trials

Throughout the trials heart rate, oxygen consumption and blood lactate will be measured.
It is hoped that participants in this study will gain some fitness benefits from the exercise sessions and improve their understanding of their training zones. Prize money will be available in accordance to the highest average power output relative to body weight (W/kg) produced over all trials. The price money is similar to that offered during club/state based cycling events.

Testing is limited to people who are:

  • Regularly competing in cycling
  • Between 16-45 years old

If you are interested contact Sabrina on:
6206 8882 or [email protected]
UC Research Institute of Sport and Exercise
University of Canberra
University Drive
Bruce, ACT, 2617