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Retul Fitting Offer for CCC Members

To celebrate their first year of Retul, SportsCare and Physiotherapy in  O’Connor are offering a discount to for the month of January for all Retul set ups to CCC Members.

The bike fittings suit a wide variety of cyclists and triathletes, from elite to commuters, young and old!  “Our riders come for a variety of reasons:  new bikes, injuries, wanting to feel more comfortable on the bike and improving performance.”

“It is amazing how much information the 3D system gives us over our old traditional set ups.  We can more accurately measure joint ranges over 15 seconds of cycling to see what truly happens when we ride.  We can also see differences from left to right and pick up pelvic rotations on the bike.  Once we have the best joint angles for the rider we can use ‘Frame Finder’ to see what new bike would best suit them.  We remain the only 3D dynamic set up in Canberra.”

For more information call us 6247 0912 to get your Retul set up for only $250 rather than the usual $350.