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Road racing fees and reminders

As we roll onto another big season of CCC road racing we have a few announcements and reminders.

Firstly the club is offering CCC members who have a permanent race number a loyalty discount for the 2015 season. So long as you bring your number to the race you will pay only $10 to race (rather than $15 last season). All other riders will pay the usual $15. If you are a CCC member but don’t have a permanent race number please contact Peter Gough who will happily help you out.

Some other points to remember:

  1. Please arrive in plenty of time to register. Arriving at 15 or 20 minutes before the race starts is usually insufficient
    1. Your fellow riders will appreciate being able to start on time, as will the volunteers running the event.
  2. Please go through the chute regardless of your place or let us know if you are DNF
    1. The chute will be much further from the finish next week!
    2. Go through the chute slowly and call out your number clearly
    3. No chute will be recorded as DNF
  3. Please pin your numbers low on your back to the left side