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Season Numbering Update

Get excited!

Our new season numbers have been ordered and will be ready for distribution soon.

Our full policy on number allocation still is in development, but the main thrust will be:

  1. ‘Season’ not permanent numbers: you get to keep the number for as long as you are an active racing member.
  2. If you have previously purchased a permanent number you will be able to trade that in at no cost. Full details of how to do this will be in the policy.
  3. If you have a permanent number that you were previously given you will be able to bid for that during a bidding round.
  4. If you want a specific number you will be able to bid for it.
  5. Everyone else will be given a random number at no cost.

Stay tuned to our newsletter and socials for further updates, including a FAQ.

Things will start to move quickly in the coming weeks.