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Thank You Trish Ellis

Stepping down from a committee role is Trish Ellis. Trish has mainly worked as our Treasurer since 2011, but was seen on the rego desk at Crits and at Track almost without fail for as long as I can remember and beyond that.  Her contributions date back to when her own children were regularly racing, and extended well beyond them becoming adults and moving on from the club. Trish’s passion for the club is best displayed by how much time she put in despite having no active part in club racing. 

Trish displayed a generous spirit working on the desk, exemplified by her willingness to learn seemingly never ending entry systems and regulations, and always was kind in her dealings with all competitors. She got a genuine kick out of the social aspect of greeting riders and members on a Wednesday night, and was never happier than touching base with the wide variety of riders and spectators that came out of the woodwork at Carts Crits.

Trish spent countless hours accounting and reconciling the Club’s books and ensuring all regulatory requirements were met, which is another one of those crucial roles that goes unnoticed in the day to day running of club events. Her efforts have ensured we are in a stronger financial position than when she commenced, and are in a great position going forward into the future. Thank you, Trish.