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Track success for Canberra riders

Friday the 13th may be traditionally an unlucky day but this was certainly not the case for some of Canberra’s junior and women riders who made the trip to Sydney to take part in the team sprint at the NSW State Championships.

In the Elite women, Kerry Knowler and Steffi Taylor qualified for the bronze medal ride off where they took almost 1 second off their qualifying time to take the win over Bathurst.

In the Under 15 men, first timers in the team sprint Mackenzie Edwardson, Joe Beitzel and Matthew Rice qualified for the gold medal ride off against favourites Illawarra.  The boys donned the aero helmets for final where they bettered their qualifying time by half a second to take the win!  They unfortunately could not claim the medal, being from outside of NSW, but at least they know they are the fastest trio in the State!

These great results were achieved despite the Narabundah velodrome being closed and riders are having to get very creative with their training routines. Well done all!