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Volunteer Shout Out: Rae Rogers

Next up in our volunteer thank you series is Rae Rogers.

It’s thanks to the efforts of members like Rae that your club runs week to week and is able to do all of the things that makes our club so special.

Rae supports club activities in so many ways. She is a regular on organizing committees for events like the JWT, she represents our club on AusCycling selection panels, and is an active and longstanding CCC committee member (Rae is currently our Vice President and Clothing Officer).

If you ride in CCC kit then you’ve met Rae.

Among the myriad things she does for the club Rae organizes prizes for Cart’s Christmas Crits and books time in Santa’s calendar so he doesn’t forget to drop past each year.

On top of all of this Rae regularly volunteers at our crit and road races. You’ll find Rae wherever the club needs help. Setting up, on the rego desk, as first aid officer, or just stepping up and making your race day seamless.

Rae – we’re so lucky to have members like you – thank you!