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Volunteer Shoutout – Iain Maciver

Our volunteer shout out this week is for Iain Maciver. Iain is another CCC member and total legend. He is a regular at our road, crit and track events. It’s thanks to volunteers like Iain that you race each week.

At our last count, Iain has volunteered more than 50 times over the last few years.

Cycling runs strong in the Maciver family with Iain, his father, and now Iain’s son Callum all having caught the bug (we’re wishing Callum a speedy recovery after his off and broken collarbone last Sunday at track).

You’ll see Iain at our road events acting as commissaire, running timing, and generally making the races happen.

He’s a regular out at crits on a Wednesday night and is there early for set up and late for pack up. While he’s there he gives his time to running our races, briefing riders, judging finishes, operating the timing system, and generally keeping an eye on things.

Iain is also a regular out at the Bundahdome where he volunteers his time by contributing to organizing committees and running races week in week out.

Iain, we’re lucky to have you and thank you for everything that you do.