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Warning – Road Rage Incidents against Cyclists

Cyclists have been advised to take care riding on the Cotter Uriarra Loop. A silver ford falcon, ACT plate, has been reported as being involved in multiple incidents of road rage/intimidation of cyclists. In one incident, the vehicle allegedly swerved into a group of five riders, causing them to crash and then fled the scene. The vehicle has also allegedly been involved in incidents of intimidation towards cyclists on Northbourne Ave and in Turner and Lyneham. The vehicle is often towing a box trailer with a cage fitted.

The police continue to investigate but no charges have been issued to date.

We understand that the vehicle’s owner is aware of police attention in relation to the incidents under investigation, and this seems to have escalated his behavior. The vehicle tends to approach from behind, with long loud horn blasts, coupled with verbal abuse once closer to cyclists, and swerves into groups trying to force them off the road.

If you are approached by this vehicle, safety is your first priority. Get off the road, stay together with other cyclists, do not be aggressive towards this driver.

Once safe, try to get the vehicle registration number and a description of the driver to support reporting the incident. Camera images/footage of the vehicle and/or driver will provide strong evidence in support of any incident report but be aware that obvious filming may provoke the driver.

To report an incident, call your nearest police station and ask for a traffic officer. Ask to make a statement, and get as many other witnesses to provide statements as possible, as well as photos/video of the incident if available.

If anyone is injured, call an ambulance and the police on 000 to attend the scene immediately.

Please also advise me of further incidents involving this vehicle at [email protected]

Stay safe.