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Track Racing

Track Racing

The Canberra Cycling Club Track Racing Series racing is held at the Narrabundah Velodrome (the ‘Bundadome’) off Goyder St, every Tuesday night during daylight savings months, and has something to offer all levels of cyclists, both new and experienced.

See the program below.

  • Track opens: 5pm
  • Racing starts: 6pm
  •  Racing ends: approximately 8pm, or when the light fades.
  • Cost: $10 Seniors (u19 and above), $5 Juniors (u9-u17)

You will need a current Cycling Australia licence to race. Also, you must have attended three novice sessions prior to racing, or be able to demonstrate track riding experience before you are permitted to race.

Club bikes are available to borrow on a first come basis. Bring your own pedals if you have them.

Various training options are available with junior sessions on Sunday between 9am and 11am and novice sessions held on Sunday between 2 and 4pm.

For more information contact Nathan Edwardson

The Narrabundah Velodrome is located off Goyder St in Narrabundah.  You need to proceed through Narrabundah Oval carpark, past the playing fields at the eastern end. See Google maps

Types of races

There are many types of track races and many variations of those. Below is a description of some of the more common races


A scratch race involves all riders starting at the same time. It is usually a longer race of 15 or more laps and provides a good opportunity for the endurance riders to hurt the sprinters


A handicap race has riders start at various points around the track based on ability. The faster riders are known as ‘back markers’ and will often work together to try and catch the ‘front markers’ before the race finishes. Handicap races are normally between 3 and 5 laps and give everyone a chance of winning.


The Elimination is like a scratch race, except that on each lap the last rider across the line is eliminated. This is a race that can suit the sprinters, but only if the enduros don’t push the pace too much and split the field.


The Points race is definitely one for the endurance riders. It is a scratch race where points are awarded for sprints that are contested at predetermined points of the race. Riders are also awarded points for lapping the field.

Team pursuit

The team pursuit involves a specified number of riders (usually three or four) racing another team who start on the opposite side of the track. A great race for spectators that requires an enormous amount of teamwork from the riders.

Individual pursuit

Like a team pursuit but with no team.

Italian pursuit

This is similar to a team pursuit except that it involves all riders of all ages and abilities. The youngest or slowest rider starts the race and each rider pulls out after one lap at the front, leaving the last (and hopefully best) rider on each team to bring it home. A ridiculous amount of fun and the only time the younger junior riders are able to race with the seniors.

Team sprint

The team sprint involves 2 or 3 riders aiming to post the best time over a short distance. Each rider peels off after their allotted distance and leaves the last rider to finish the race alone.

Match sprint

The match sprint involves 2 or sometimes 3 or 4 riders vying for honours over a short distance, usually only two or three laps. This can be very exciting and tactical as each rider tries to gain the best track position before unleashing all their power to get past on the line.


The time trial is raced by individuals over a set distance, usually up to 1km. This is one for the power riders, but is also a great test of form for all riders.

Track Rules

All velodromes have subtly different rules and Narrabundah is no exception.

  • Slower riders at the bottom, due to the steepness of the banking.
  • During club training hours, ALL riders must enter and exit the velodrome on foot, and start and finish at the bottom on the home straight.
  • Head check before changing your line. Check left for the long-distance view check under your right arm, check over your right shoulder.
  • Look out for other riders, especially when there are riders of different ability around. When passing in training, shout “Stay down”. This will let them know you are about to overtake them and that they must ‘hold their line’.
  • There is no track if it is raining or wet. If the dots of rain have joined together, then you need to be off the track NOW.