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CCC Introduce “Real Road Racing”, Strava has been put on notice….

  • Ever wanted to race your friends in a fun yet challenging environment that feels so realistic because it really is real?
  • Ever wanted to boast to your friends about a result, which actually is a real result (no simulation, virtual environment or GPS required)?
  • Ever wanted to measure your power by the ability to drop the riders around you (or be dropped)?
  • Ever wanted to use your tactical nous to outwit those that are stronger so that you can take the win?

If you answered yes to any of these, then “Road Racing” could be for you. Put away your power meters, put away your Strava, this is real head to head racing. Great courses, accurate timing, marshals, officials…the works.

Real Road Racing is set to take off in 2014 and with 21 races scheduled to take place in the ACT alone we are well placed to be in the thick of it. Get on board now and enjoy what Road Racing has to offer. Its great fun, it’s a really good measure of your fitness and it gives you a fantastic goal to train towards and to constantly work on improving upon.

The first race in the Combined Club Point-Score Series is this weekend, starting at Uriarra Homestead at 9am Sat 1st of March. if you need a little more time to train, round 2 is on the 15th of March, starting at Tidbinbilla Tracking Station.