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Summer Criteriums

2016 / 2017 Summer Criterium Series

Race Schedule and Volunteer Roster to Download

Grade Changes after 8 February 2017
Oliver Blayney Brown – A Grade
Jonathan Hazell – B Grade
Danny Currall – C Grade
Adam Rohweder – C Grade
Hardy Lohse – A Grade
Mark Francis – A Grade
Macka Edwardson – B Grade
Peter Coll – C Grade
Sean Hunt – B Grade
Series Information

The 2016/2017 Summer Criterium Series starts on Wednesday October 26th.  We are pleased to welcome a new naming rights sponsor on board this season – Hedley Property Investments. The sponsorship has allowed us to offer free racing to all grades once a month, something we are pretty excited about!

New race formats for E and D grades

For the 2016-17 criterium series CCC is trialling new race formats for E and D grade with a greater focus on new rider participation anddevelopment. With that in mind, we are making adjustments to our entry level racing grades (on Wednesday nights) in order to encourage and retain membership and enhance the overall experience for riders, both with or without previous racing experience.

As always our E and D grade divisions will cater to an important cross section of the Canberra cycling community, and in particular, to the interests of new and emerging cyclists, and riders who simply cannot commit to the weekly training regime required to race in our higher grades.

What riders can expect in E and D grade – A notable change will occur in E grade where the intent of the race format is largely centred around novice riders. We aim to offer our E graders a less intense and more controlled racing experience where there is no expectation other than participating, developing skills and having fun. D grade will be a progression from E grade.

E Grade race formatE Grade is the racing grade for our newest, youngest and also our more mature club riders and for this season E Grade criteriums will be conducted under regulated speeds for the majority of the timed racing period. This will generally give riders between 13-16 minutes of controlled racing before reverting to open speed racing in the final 3 laps. A final sprint will still be encouraged and points will still be awarded to place getters (as in our higher graded races). A rider briefing will happen at the start of each nights racing and CCC will organise an experienced club rider to chaperone and encourage a smoother racing experience for all.

D grade race format D grade caters to range of participants, from riders with well-developed skills and racing experience to new and emerging cyclists with progressing abilities. For D grade races, we are introducing a controlled 2 lap race start in order to help upgraded and/or novice riders adjust to the faster speed of D grade racing. From lap 3 onwards D grade will revert to open speed racing and sprints points will be awarded (as usual) to final place getters. CCC believes this small measure represents an important initiative and we thank riders in advance for assistance in introducing it. D grade participants will be briefed at the start of each nights racing.

*These initiatives will be introduced and reviewed on an ongoing basis from the beginning of the 2016-17 criterium series.

Series Information

New Rider Registration

Can all new riders please get in contact before they race so they can be setup in the rego system.  Please provide some brief details about your racing experience, training etc so you can be graded accordingly. This makes the rego process much faster – [email protected]


All riders must have a Cycling Australia Gold Licence or 3 Ride Permit to compete.

Three Ride permits can now only be purchased online here. They will not be available on the night.  Please bring proof of purchase with you.

It is easiest to take out a gold licence online.


Riders will start the new series in the same grade they finished in last year. Those riders who have either sped up or slowed down over the winter period, are encouraged to start in the same grade and they will be re-graded accordingly. The club handicapper is present most nights and closely follows the racing action.

All new riders or riders wanting a grade changed need to contact the CCC Handicapper, Peter Zala, before race night. Grade changes are not made on Wednesday evenings as it is time consuming and an inconvenience to other riders. Contact:[email protected]


Juniors (Under 9 – Under 13) will have a handicap race each week, always starting at 5:15pm.  All Junior riders must be registered and ready to race by 5:05pm. Riders will be called to the centre of the track area for grading prior to the race start. New riders are always welcome.

Entry Fees

  • Juniors: Free! (Under 9 – Under 13)
  • Seniors: $10.00

Please bring correct money.

Results & Pointscore

The series operates a pointscore with points accumulated by riders, teams and squads. The points are allocated on a sliding scale dependent on race numbers. Once a rider has accumulated 40 points in a given grade, they will be moved to the next grade.

Points & Results can be viewed at http://critsonline.com.

Prize Money

Prize money is awarded to all grades, with prizes awarded to junior riders. As with the points, prize money amounts are dependent on the number of race entries. Money is usually awarded to at least the Top 4. Note that money MUST be collected on the night it has been won. You will not be able to collect money from a previous weeks race.

Thanks to Bravien Financial, the prize pool will be increased over the four free race nights, 2 November, 7 December, 18 January and 15 February. $1,000 per night will be on offer across grades A to D (keeping E grade and juniors as the development grades) on each of the 4 free race nights. This is in addition to existing prizemoney.


Bonus prize money will be for mystery primes and the overall winner in grades A to D. Prizes will be awarded immediately after each race so each grade is asked to briefly wait in the middle after going through the shoot for the short prize presentations and photos


For all queries / feedback, please contact Peter Zala – [email protected]