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The Best Membership in Australia?

We think so.

Did you know that from your annual membership fee the Canberra Cycling Club receives $25? We use that to organize our events, support our juniors, and keep the club ticking over.

The rest goes to AusCycling to support their operations and your insurance.

Why is it the best membership, you ask? AusCycling recently provided advice to us outlining how comprehensive your insurance actually is. As always, the product disclosure statement is the only source of truth – make sure you’re across what’s in there.

The information below was provided to clubs during a club forum. Here’s the presentation deck presented at the meeting by the insurer, as well as the information they provided to us.

The following questions and answers are a direct copy of the advice drafted by AusCycling and Marsh in their documents.

For Race All Discipline Members:

What am I covered for?
Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance.

Are participants in club training rides covered?
Yes. All members are covered 24/7.

Bunch riding – Who’s covered who isn’t and how can we run a Saturday local bunch?
It is recommended that all riders attending these group rides are an AusCycling member, this would ensure they have access to Personal Accident benefits should an injury occur.

What defines a club event? We do a regular Saturday ride but at least half the participants aren’t members.
A Club event is an activity that is authorised and sanctioned by the Club. Regular Saturday rides that have been authorised by the Club would be considered an official Club training.

Are AusCycling members who ride on illegal or non-sanctioned trail networks covered?
Yes, the benefits under the policy are applicable to injury occurring during any and all bike riding activities 24 hours a day. However, it is important to note there are general exclusions which apply to the policy and this includes riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs, involved in any criminal or illegal act and results from a pre-existing condition. More details on the policy terms and conditions can be found in the policy wording and schedule.

Is there coverage for events that are not sanctioned by AusCycling?
Not the event per se, but for AusCycling members if they are injured competing in the event. That’s the nature of 24/7 cover.

Are non-sanctioned AusCycling events sanctioned?
Non-sanctioned events are not sanctioned however AusCycling members are covered 24/7, so if they chose to ride in a non-sanctioned event, they are covered.

What are the specifics of what is actually covered?
Please refer to the presentation in the first instance and the AC / Marsh website. https://www.auscycling.org.au/membership/other/insurance-overview

Are non-paying members eg: Officials covered by insurance?


AusCycling Club Forum #1 Summary (email from AusCycling 6 Apr 2023)

The deck (presentation) that was presented by AusCycling and Marsh at the meeting

Insurance Questions – from AusCycling’s email:

“We have consolidated the questions posed in the Teams Chat and through the Menti tool. The questions and responses from AusCycling and Marsh, our Insurance Broker can be found HERE”